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Weekly Transits for September 5th - September 11th (referencing PST time zone)

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Monday Sept. 5th

Venus enters Virgo (this actually happens on Sunday 4th in my time zone)

Mars enters retrograde zone (actually also happens on Sunday 4th in my time zone)

Capricorn Moon square Libra Mercury 7 degrees (Moon is apex of T-square with Jupiter @ 8 degrees)

Tuesday September 6th

Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto @ 26 degrees

Thursday September 8th

Moon conjunct Saturn Aquarius (18-20 degrees) square North Node & Uranus in Taurus

Friday September 9th

Pisces Moon opposes Virgo Venus @ 5 degrees

Pisces Moon squares Gemini Mars @ 11 degrees

Saturday September 10th

Full Moon in Pisces 17 degrees (T square with Mars @ 11 degrees Gemini)

Mercury goes Retrograde in Libra 8 degrees

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 24 degrees

Sunday September 11th

Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 5 degrees

Aries Moon opposite Libra Mercury RX @ 8 degrees

Reflection from last week (skip down to Long Form Weeklies for this week’s astrology)

The biggest signature of the opening of last week was the apparent approaching Mercury-in-retrograde mix with Libra Moon. Right away I was hit with support desk calls, login issues, and messages that didn’t come until hours after they were sent.

My friend got hacked through her professional account, a real headache and drag, and mostly turned out OK. But for a hot minute it was really worrisome and scary.

By Wednesday, there were a lot of minor disappointments around me in my friend circle.

In my personal life I dealt with something quite chaotic and unsettling that tested my needs and my boundaries. It

shook me up for the rest of the week. Yods don’t want me to get too comfortable, it seems. A friend texted me about the yods themselves- I have yet to find out how they were manifesting for her. But the energy was sharp and difficult to weather.

I found myself really needing alone time to sort out the energy, and find my bearings. There was a lot of contending, wondering, working through uncomfortable feelings.

Then by Friday, it seemed like it had all been a dream. The sharp energy of the week had dissipated for me, and I woke up with some pep in my step. I noticed that I was really connecting to music while I worked; and hot diggity, if I didn’t eat the best tomato I’ve tasted in decades!

By Saturday, life was normal-ish again. I spent the day alone, in a week that was relatively solitary. Some of it was by choice, and some of it not, but I feel like last week was preparation for THIS week. Moon was working us with these yods while as we look ahead, we are facing really two major astro-events this week-- and the astrology-- as I write it, really does echo its own lessons. Sometimes it feels like I’m reading a narrative from the sky. It’s not difficult to have reverie and respect for the lineages that bring us here to this magic. After last week, I feel potentially ready to walk into the Libran and Virgoan hall of mirrors. Famous last words, right?

Long Form Weeklies:

Monday Sept. 5th