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Weekly Transits for the Week of April 17th- April 23rd

Monday April 17th

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 26 degrees

11:56 am PST/ 2:56 pm EST

When Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune, we are in a huge dilation. We are open, energetically to A LOT. If the Moon is our body, we are dropped into the vast ocean. We can feel the waves and currents, the fish and seaweed, and the life within. We are receptive, but we are also mere mortals. It may be impossible for us to understand everything that is happening in our liminal states.

You are both powerful and vulnerable in this state. How can you draw boundaries around yourself to ensure that unwanted energy does not come in? The energy will show itself as an emergency– someone else's emergency, or urgency. How can you know what is real and what is yours? I ask this now so that you can make a sacred container for yourself. If you do, and you secure it, the messages you receive may be unintelligible, but felt and understood by your nervous system. There are different ways to know and receive information. Can you allow it to come without your brain getting in the way?

In the meantime, Mercury in Taurus is getting pretty close to Uranus. So the brain, and cognition will also be receiving some big downloads too. Taurus is an interesting place to get this information. Mercury and Uranus together is a big lightning bolt, but fortunately it’s landing in the density of the earth. This knowledge is big stuff, but it’s grounded and meant to carry you forward.

Back to Moon and Neptune in Pisces: not as grounded. Potentially felt deeply in the body. Potentially overwhelming. Potentially it will feel like falling into the void. Boundaries, grounding, and breathing will all help you through this deep work. And if it gets messy and full of grief– try to keep some trust: in yourself, in your process, and in the universe.

Tuesday April 18th

Aries Moon square Cancer Mars @ 12 degrees

3:16 pm PST/ 6:16 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 16 degrees

10:24 pm PST/ April 19th 1:24 am EST

“Everything changed, and then it changed again.”

-Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

To Find a Friend

Aries Moon has big and unfiltered feelings to express. Cancer Mars is (somewhat) contained energy that is filtered for protection and safety. These two are in mutual reception (Aries is the ruler of Mars and Cancer is the ruler of Moon.) This is a cardinal square that wants to initiate some change, and probably there is a finessing of energy to be expressed. There is something helpful in this; perhaps Aries Moon helps Mars get it out in a safe way, or find a way to express despite the fear. Or perhaps Cancer Mars helps Moon regulate and soften its extreme reactions. Either way, some progress will be made on the way we express our energy.

Aries Moon then conjuncts Chiron and we are asked to feel the wound we have been working with lately. What is this wound and how does it affect your identity? Who did you think you were and who are you now? How does this wound show up in your body? Have you been able to help anyone through their wounding? Has anyone helped you?

This Aries energy is preparing us for a total solar eclipse in tomorrow. How has Aries season landed for you with Mars in Cancer anyway? We like to think of spring as a burst of energy, little chicks and bunnies, flowers budding. (I admit this statement is Northern Hemisphere centric.) But what if it’s been a hard spring or fall for that matter? What if this wound has carried into it? What if you feel like March took EVERYTHING out of you and now you just want a nap? Cancer Mars is restrained energy. It ultimately is thinking about how to store and use its energy if needed, or when needed. Cancer Mars won’t be left without fire in the hearth or food on the table. Cancer Mars won’t blow up anything unless something is threatening its people.

The planets are about to speed us up again. Eclipses are personal since they involve the Sun and Moon together, and they want us to catch up with our epochal shifts. We are on the precipice of great change, and each of us has a role to play in this work. We don’t have much time left in Aries season. You have been working on your identity and sense of self in the last few months as planets have clustered and conjuncted here, including two powerhouses: Chiron and Jupiter. As you stand on that precipice are you able to see what you have worked through and what is different? Because things are about to change, again.

Wednesday April 19th

Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 23 degrees

10:26 am PST/ 1:26 pm EST

Total Solar (New Moon Eclipse) 29 degrees Aries

9:13 pm PST/ April 20th 12:13 am EST

Taurus Moon square Pluto @ 0 degrees

10:04 pm PST/ April 20th 1:04 am EST

“Hang on to your ego.

Hang on, but I know that you’re gonna lose the fight.”

-The Beach Boys

Hang On to your Ego

Today is a big day. Moon kicks it off by conjuncting Jupiter in Aries. That means there is some dimension to our beliefs and emotional truths being expanded and worked. Or perhaps our feelings are amplified. Perhaps we find ourselves in the best possible place for self inquiry or knowledge. Perhaps we grow beyond our ancestral baggage or perhaps we just get it out. Whatever happens we are hitting a big identity moment, and our inner self and body is getting the Jupiterian kiss. We are at the end of Aries season; and that means that this fiery, quick, banging energy is going to reach a crescendo.

And what a crescendo it is. This is a total, hybrid New Moon eclipse that is ending Aries season, squaring Aquarius Pluto. The ruler of this New Moon, Mars, is squaring Chiron. It’s a North Nodal New Moon eclipse and there is a big, urgent thing going on here. This energy is working your ego, your ambition and courage, and your identity. It’s definitely pulling in an out-of-sign square with Pluto in Aquarius, as that nefarious cousin coming to dinner, and Chiron who is Aries familia squared with Mars in Cancer. There is pain here, there is wounding, and there is a massive change. This nodal expression is speeding up our trajectory and messing with our equilibrium.

Seeds are being planted at this sacred moment. They might be painful seeds, they might be born from strife. But these seeds were here to get you into the future. That’s the North Node. That’s the New Moon. That’s the eclipse. That’s the square with Pluto in Aquarius. Whatever it is that happens to your sense of self today, it will be the first domino in an intricate domino sculpture that will take you into where you are going. You can’t do it wrong. You just have to trust that everything will be ok. And you can’t take your pain out on anyone else. This one is between you and you. Who are you becoming?

When Moon moves into Taurus, we have the exact fixed square to Pluto in Aquarius. Hopefully there’s some sort of clarity on WTF is going on at this point, and why, and what it means. Fixed squares like to pin us down so we can really figure things out. They belabor the point until we “get it.” Whatever Pluto in Aquarius’s message is, we’ll be feeling it.

Thursday April 20th

Taurus Season begins

1:13 am PST/ 4:13 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct North Node @ 4 degrees

5:11 am PST/ 8:11 am EST

Taurus Sun square Pluto @ 0 degrees

9:26 am PST/ 12:26 pm EST

And like that, it’s Taurus Season. Taurus season is solidly spring in the Northern Hemisphere (Fall in the Southern Hemisphere,) solidly stable, and sustaining. We know more about how to dress for the season. We know how to receive the growing or rescinding heat. Fixed signs pin us to what’s happening and Taurus is fixed earth. It moves slowly, it delights in pleasures, it sleeps well.

Can you relax after all that Aries BS? (I’m an Aries and I even want a break from Aries season.) If you think of Aries as the newborn baby that’s crying, or the baby breaking through the mothers pelvis to be alive, or the flower breaking through the bud, you get the idea of Aries season. It requires a whole lot of Mars energy to “break on through to the other side.”

Taurus season, then, requires some respite, softness, sleep and comfort. It requires ease and probably, a snack. Taurus season is a moment of softness and stability after some very big change. Moon conjuncts North Node to bring our bodies, cycles and impulses into line with our karmic path. Moon is opposite South Node and has done its number on us yesterday, now it’s soothingly stable and pinning us to the cool earth. North Node says that this may feel fated, awkward, or strange. Well, so be it. You’ve landed here, so here you are.

I recently went on a walk with a friend. I tripped and fell– stomach down on the earth (actually it was concrete) and for a few seconds after, my body relaxed and I contemplated just lying there for a while; knees, hands, and cell phone scraped up. Ego bruised. Taurus Moon conjunct North Node is kind of like that.

Taurus Sun then makes a fixed square to Aquarius Pluto. What has come out of all this change? Who are you now and what do you need to look at? Yes, everyone is talking about AI, and technology, and humanity, and this is our work. But who are you now? What has emerged through all this change and what are you ready to nail down and work on? What is nailing you down and working on you? Is there a difference?

What part of you can soften? What part of you is uncomfortable? Are you resisting the changes? Can you receive the goodness in all of this struggle, whether it be a drink of water, a hot or cold shower, a kiss from a loved one, a smile from a stranger? Taurus energy is slow, and you have been sped up until now. Take a breather in time, remember that you are still here and breathing. You might be fighting to get out of this square, but maybe rest is best?

Friday April 21st

Taurus Moon conjunct Mercury @ 15 degrees Taurus

1:05 am PST/ 4:05 am EST

Mercury Stations Retrograde (until May 14th) @15 degrees Taurus

1:35 am PST/ 4:35 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 17 degrees

5:09 am PST/ 8:09 am EST

Taurus is the vibe, friends. Today Taurus Moon conjuncts (ordains?) Mercury; minutes before it goes retrograde. Poetically throughout a lot of these huge transits that we’ve experienced in the last few weeks or so, we’ve had Mercury in Taurus to slow down and stick our thoughts and plans in place. We’ve made decisions about what we want to do or say and found ways to contemplate them, dig in, and give a voice to what is important. With Moon and Mercury together, our bodies and minds are solidly in place, ready to do what is needed, and put things into an actual practical trajectory. Slow and steady win the race!

Wait– except, this is not a race. The slowness of Taurus Mercury just got slower. Mercury is going to backtrack through Taurus starting today. That means that we will be even slower, more deliberate, more contemplative about what is happening and what we want to say. We will need to review the information we started to work with when Mercury went into its shadow zone on April 7th. We have something to figure out and contend with, and right now, as it stations retrograde, this is an important day to tease out the theme of this transit. We may have some sticking point in our minds that we have to work through. We may have something we need to communicate. What house is Taurus ruling in your chart, and what house is Mercury in now? Can you see anything emerging with this theme? Will this transit go over any natal planets?

Taurus Moon then conjuncts Uranus for a big download or epiphany. Perhaps your body will know something, or there will be a surprise bit of information or thought that helps you understand what is happening. Taurus deals with what we value, and we have had Uranus there for several years. What ideas, or insights are you gaining about this?

Saturday April 22nd

Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Pluto at 0 degrees

3:48 am PST/ 6:48 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 4 degrees

11:59 am PST/ 2:59 pm EST

Gemini Moon is ruled by Mercury retrograde right now. So we’ve got fast talking and moving energy with the brakes on, going slow. There is something interesting going on with the flow of information right now, how fast or slow information is given or understood.

Gemini Moon is channeling this energy with help from Aquarius Pluto. Aquarius Pluto is working the collective and Gemini Moon is grabbing that energy and working its air magic with you in your body, cycles and emotional field. There is an anxious energy to Gemini Moon because it has such an open channel to information, Aquarius Pluto puts a strong airy damper on it, so it can guide it where it wants to go. This is helpful energy that likely will make us more decisive or precise then we normally would be.

Gemini Moon then makes a mutable square to Pisces Saturn. There is an austere feeling to this transit, even with Gemini involved. We forget that Gemini likes to play both in darkness and in light. Gemini is the principle of curiosity, and Moon is our cycles– right back to our ancestors. There are serious things in the world that need to be attended to, and Saturn in Pisces knows this well. Saturn in Pisces is taking care of the marginalized, and the victims of the world and picking up pieces long forgotten. Saturn in Pisces is there to guide us through what we are working towards, why we are working towards it, and whether or not it really serves the whole. Gemini Moon is concerned with the duality, and Pisces Saturn says that it better integrate into what you are actually here to do. These lessons are rarely fun, but they are powerful.

This is a quick moment, and likely not one that will make it in the prime time movie of your life. But it’s interesting to think about. What is actually important and why is it important? Who is important to you and why? What precipice are you walking the edge of– with your body and emotional field, and how will it serve the larger part of your story?

Sunday April 23rd

Gemini Moon conjunct Venus @ 14 degrees

5:43 am PST/ 8:43 am EST

Conversation is likely to be lively, connective and flirtatious today. There will be repartee, quick comebacks, and a plethora of facts exchanged. Moon and Venus meet up in Gemini to really solidify the nervous system with the connective impulse. Connection is real, understanding is real. The downloads from the divine are big, beautiful and probably overwhelming. This is a lot of air to be felt in the body. Gemini can make us feel like a popcorn popper, except the popcorn is ideas, impulses, curiosity, and knowledge. Sometimes it all gets catches on itself and has to be teased out before it overflows or shoots out of the bowl.

This energy is ruled by backtracking Taurus Mercury and sextiled by Aries Chiron. That’s some real intention and forethought along with some wounding to temper the quick abstract ways of Gemini. Gemini can usually not help itself with communicating, but retrograde Mercury in Taurus is not letting anything go fast or furious. It is taking the long way home to make sure it makes its point clearly and intentionally. Aries Chiron may be wounded but it wants to heal, and help. These two parts add dimension to this conjunction in Gemini, which is quick and easy breezy, but maybe more important than we thought.

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