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All the World’s a Stage: Full Moon in Leo

On Sunday, February 5th 2023 at 10:28 am PST, 1: 28 pm EST, we have a full moon in Leo at 16°40.

This is a fever point and culmination of something that has been building, personally, since the Leo New Moon that happened on July 28th 2022. Since then, something has been working you in your Leo house. What can you trace back to last summer?

Let’s not get too literal about houses at the moment, because you don’t need to know what house this is in to understand the energy we’re working with. This Full Moon is making a pretty dramatic T-square with Uranus in Taurus. This is fixed, dense energy, and I suspect if you’re reading this, you’re already feeling the pressure mount. I know my cat is inconsolable and ornery right now. I know I’ve referred to my social life as “the twilight zone.” I know that relationships that felt deep and sweet two weeks ago, feel fraught and brittle, on the edge of disappearing.

Fixed signs carry the energy through the season. Aquarius is fixed air, and the Sun is in its detriment here. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and this Sun is shining its spotlight on the Moon in Leo. Whatever was going on inside, privately, is now visible.

One way I’m noticing this come up for me, is around attention. The attention I am getting, the attention I desire, and what that attention means. The attention I’m not getting is making me feel insecure, and this is definitely on the Leo continuum. Aquarius is happy to disappear into the crowd, Leo needs to be centre stage. Leo is the star of the show, Aquarius is part of the collective. Leo shows up– with big heart, and leads the pride. Aquarius is planted behind the computer and working with big-mind, over looking and deciding what is best for everyone. Aquarius watches the ethical implications of what’s happening and detaches from it. Leo feels it all, dramatically. Incidentally, the reason my cat seems to be on a tear, is a need for way more attention than usual. She’s testing me.

Are there areas of your life that are pointing to you needing to place yourself in front, and centre? Leo gets a bad rap for “needing to be the centre of attention,” but every movement needs a spokesperson. Not everyone wants to be the lead singer, it’s a lot of responsibility to be the “face” of something. It’s not all glory, sometimes it’s being reviled, hated, blamed. We can roll our eyes at those that need to be the star, but Leo says “I’ll be responsible” and steps in the line of fire. Leo is the host of the show, and the show would not go on without it.

Where do you need attention and how are you not getting it? Who doesn’t see you? Has it always been this way? Instead of fighting to be seen, can you see yourself? It’s Leo Moon afterall, and Leo Moon is the more private, earthly part of us. The hidden, ancestral, and emotional body of you. What part of your being needs to be seen…by you?

Aquarius has a hard time talking in these terms of being seen. Aquarius would rather fade into the crowd. Be one of many. Absorb into the world wide web. Aquarius’s fierce individualism, and power, is within the group. Do what’s best for the family, the organization, humanity. It will do anything to rebel against lack of ethics, force of control, or any unjustness. Aquarius won’t be told what to do, or how to do it, and if you try to control Aquarius– it will rebel– in some subtle way that even it did not expect. The resistance is hardwired into our Aquarian impulse.

Where do you feel too exposed? Where do you feel controlled? Where do you feel stuck and held down, wanting to break free? Are you trying to run away, plan a trip, get the F out of dodge? Many people are desperately trying to flee to warmer climates around this time. They think it’s the weather they are rebelling against, but it’s more likely this stuck feeling. Being held in place by circumstance.

Enter Uranus in Taurus as the apex of this T-square. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, so how appropriate that it joins this blow-out party to deliver lightning flashes of insight from the divine. You can’t plan or predict what Uranus has in store for you, and yet it’s clear that something will happen. Uranus is reworking our entire relationship to what we value, what we sustain, and what sustains us. Taurus, of all the signs, is pretty resistant to change so change here is friction-filled. Surprise epiphanies, conversations, and events will happen that will redirect us.

Whatever unexpected influences come up around our Leo/Aquarius continuum, we’ve come to the end of the road on something. The fever pitch between our heart and our mind, our personal relationship to life, and our collective one, is coming to this moment. It could feel like you have been forced into this culmination. Someone stole the narrative and made you react. Something happened and now you have to deal with it. Fixed energy is tough. Holding in place requires incredible skill and fortitude. The impulse to run away, dissociate, or drop everything and leave, will be huge. This energy will NOT be ignored. Perhaps this symbolic exodus is warranted. Perhaps Uranus will show us that we had the power to leave the entire time, that we are running away from what we want, or that there is literally nowhere to run. Fixed squares feel like being tied up, but once they pass, there is clarity on what you are doing, and why.

A final note on your Leo house, and the revelations herein. This summer, Venus will go retrograde July 22nd at 6:33 pm PST – September 3rd at 6:20 pm PST in Leo. This area of your chart will get worked. If you want to gain some understanding of your chart, and how fair Venus will affect you, I am taking appointments now. Just drop me an email at to inquire about a chart reading.

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