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April 1st to 25th: Mercury in Retrograde in Aries: Jump in With Both Feet, Get Curious About Yourself

Hermes on top of the mountain.
Don't shoot the messenger.

On April 1st Mercury stationed retrograde at 27 degrees of Aries, which is  and will continue its backward motion until April 25th when it will station direct at 15 degrees. This news is coming a few days late, because that’s so Mercury retrograde– in Aries– of me. If you are a Gemini or Virgo rising, this will definitely affect you, as well as anyone who has planets or points between 27 and 12 degrees in any cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.)

Mercury rules the way that we think, understand, learn, and process information. It also rules how we communicate our thoughts and understanding. Mercury moves rather quickly so it also rules transportation, short trips (like commuting or going to the store.) Writing, speaking, researching, editing, and online communications like emails are ruled by Mercury, as well as what we are curious about. 

When Mercury goes retrograde, it really doesn’t move backwards, but appears to from our standpoint on earth. First it slows down, stops, and then seemingly moves backwards only to do the same thing (stop, wait, station forward) when it stations direct. This usually happens three times a year, and usually all in a sign of one modality. This year we are retrograding through the fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. During this period, this time between the 1st and 25th, we notice delays, miscommunications, and areas in need of a review, revision, or double checking. We  see disruptions, crossed wires, and wrenches in our plans. We generally advise waiting until after this period to purchase important things like computers or cars or to do things like launch a book, start an advertising campaign, or sign a contract. 

This Mercury retrograde is in Aries, which is known as a bold sign full of momentum. Aries is the spark of creation, and has rebirth and startup energy. It is a sign that has built in impulsivity, impatience, and rush mixed in. The other thing about Aries: it is concerned with self. So with Mercury retrograde here, there will be lessons to learn about running your mouth, bad tempers, checking your work, and fast tracking. When Mercury goes retrograde, it’s to bring something about your thinking and communication style to review, and that can extend to being the cause of accidents and misunderstandings. Watch especially how you handle knives and weapons, drive vehicles, and deal with flame. Mercury retrogrades are usually not big disasters, but more annoying circumstances to deal with. They can crystallize something that needs to be looked at, or understood better, something that you’ve been glazing over but not fully understanding or investigating. 

Aries is likely to lose patience and get into arguments. It’s hot headed and at times argumentative. So expect some interactions to have the temperature turned up on them. Aries rules fast cars, quick decisions, and impulsivity, so this is where we can get ourselves into trouble if we aren’t mindful. We are also in an eclipse season that is highlighting who we are and how we think in relationships. The first eclipse was on March 25th, in Libra, and the next one is April 8th, in Aries and conjunct Chiron. 

The eclipses are asking us to get clear on our own roles and destiny while considering others at the same time.  Observing who you are in a situation– and how you identify– will be key. Do you take a role that really isn’t yours to take? Or are you operating from an identity that is outdated? Just because you were a bad student in high school doesn’t mean that you are bad at learning, for example, but you might be carrying around this identity and operating from it. If you are in a relationship that brings out your worst behaviour, and gets you riled up, this is an opportunity to investigate what your role and identity is telling you about this relationship.

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to finish something that you’ve started. Get it off your plate. Get that passport renewed, go over your taxes, finish cleaning out your closet. It’s a less-great time to start something new, but you can still travel and do the things you need to do during these periods. To honor this transit, write in a journal and question your own thoughts and motivations. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Why did that trigger me?

  • Why do I always lose my temper with her, and what made it happen this time?

  • Why am I getting stressed out avoiding doing this simple task when I know it’s easy and won’t take long?

  • Why am I always agreeing to things I don’t want to do?

  • Why didn’t I double check that invoice?

The opportunity here is for deeper self knowledge and understanding that can carry you through some big major transits on their way to us. Aries is a youthful sign, so some of the identities or thought processes you’re noticing could have originated in your youth, or perhaps parenting is teaching you about yourself through the eyes of a child. Understanding and course correcting ourselves is a big flex, and this is an opportunity to be curious about yourself. The advice is slow down when you can and try and look at your own motivations and annoyances. To jump in with both feet, get curious about yourself. There’s so much happening this month, it will serve you to know who you are and why you think and talk the way that you do. In the end we see breakthroughs, reboots, and advantageous results.

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