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Astrology Transits for Monday May 6th:  Your Story Can Only Be Written By You

A man hugs a child.
We have to know pain to be able to help others.

Taurus Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 2 degrees

6:06 pm PST/ 9:06 pm EST

Aries Mercury conjunct Chiron @ 21 degrees

7:21 pm PST/ 10:21 pm EST

Moon square Pluto. We have come to points in our new life and world that have asked us to do some work, and to carry the foundation of what we are doing forward. There is real world stuff happening, we have to take care of all the mundane pieces of life while trying to transform into a beautiful and unique version of ourselves. So with this fixed square, we know that something is not washing, something doesn’t sit right. There’s something that we can smell/ taste/ touch/ feel isn’t really working or that isn’t jiving with what we are doing. Transitions are hard, we are already becoming something new, but our old lives are still there, and need to be attended to. Is there something clashing with your new reality? Is there something that is demanding to be looked at?

Mercury conjunct Chiron. We are feeling the pureness of our thoughts these days, the rawness of how we think and communicate. Our identity wound has been coming up a lot lately, to make us really do this work around who we are, and right now is making us prescient to what kind of healing may be needed for ourselves. Maybe we have to say something, or realize something here. Maybe we need to be in the wound, to think about how it can inform how we move through conversation. Maybe we have to tell someone something because it will heal us, or it will heal them.

This is the third time that Mercury has done this conjunction with Chiron, this dance started on March 20th with the first conjunction, then Mercury went retrograde for the second conjunction April 15th, and now we have the end conjunction today to book end this narrative. The story of you, your identity wound, the karmic and ancestral forces that gave you this wound, is coming to some sort of point. Your story can only be written by you. What is this story for you? Can you see how this wound is actually your superpower?

It’s hard to feel powerful when you are in pain, but just think of the power of childbirth. Can you get your mind in this? How powerfully healing can you be to yourself and others because of this wound? Can you see how far you have come? 

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