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April 23rd Full Moon in Scorpio: This is Going to be Emotional

power wash the the graffiti
Power wash the wall.

On April 23rd at 4:53 pm PST/ 7:49 pm EST we will have a full Moon in Scorpio at 4 degrees. Scorpio is a fixed water sign of transformation, and the full Moon is a completion or culmination of energy. Scorpio is investigates and brings things to light that we have not seen, and in so doing helping us deal with and clean out what needs to go. The Sabian symbol for this degree of Scorpio is a massive, rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea,  which implies there is is resistance to change, or the status quo, and that there will be emotional circumstances that will wear you down. This is an interesting foretelling of how we might experience this full Moon. On one hand, Scorpio is a fixed sign, and on the other, it speaks to profound transformation. There is stubbornness, and an imperative to change, embedded in the vibe.

This is going to be emotional. There are things we simply do not want to let go of. There are things we have invested so much time in, or worked so hard on, that to just let them go is devastating. 

Full Moons are oppositions between the Sun and Moon. This full Moon makes a T-square with Pluto in Aquarius at the apex. Pluto is the Modern ruler of this Moon, and therefore the conditions that surround this celestial event, suggest that we will be transformed by this transit. There may be a revelation or something is brought to completion. T-squares build pressure that can on be expressed by the apex planet, and with Pluto there, we can infer that we will be changed and transformed whether or not we want to be. 

I’ve been calling this full Moon a cleaner. There are things we need to deal with, let go of, and things that we need to really look at, and I believe this full Moon will make this emergent. Pluto is investigative, determined, and destructive. A full Moon in Scorpio suggests that there will be a relationship moment. There will be something that was hidden that is now revealed and you can’t unsee it. This will force us to contend with something we might have suspected was there but did not want to face. We have no choice with this Moon. There is a power shift in all of this, because Pluto and Scorpio are involved. Understanding your power dynamic and how it works will be part of the mechanism of your transformation. 

While this is happening, Mars, the other ruler of Scorpio, is cozying up to Neptune in Pisces. We are growing more spiritual with our intentions. And Mercury is Aries, still retrograde, and getting close to the North Node. We are moving into a future relationship dynamic that is new, different, and potentially more conducive the way you think and understand things. 

This full Moon is an opportunity to reconcile something with yourself, and let something go. There is something to face here, and this could feel heavy as Scorpio is concerned with power, sex, and that which is taboo. There may be questions of possessiveness, control, determination of getting what you want. This full Moon is here to challenge us to see what we need to see.  And then what? Once we see it, what do we do? 

That’s the real question.

This moment punctuates a whole lot of change and relationship work that we’ve been doing. It’s asking us to level up in some way, or work with the truth. This can be confronting, and it can be quite emotional to dislodge something that has been hidden in plain sight for so long.

What do you know about yourself now, and how does that guide your decisions moving forward?

Are you willing to be transformed by the truth? Do you find yourself in a situation that you want to get out of? Is there something that you see that does not align with your future?

Are you ready to move forward now, knowing what you know?

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