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April 8th, North Node, Total Solar Eclipse: I Have a Mission For You

The eclipse is magic.
The Eclipse is at April 8th, 11:21 am PST/ 2:21 pm EST

We are currently in an eclipse portal. The first eclipse was March 25th, and it was a deep shedding of the old ways. What we are approaching is a magnum opus of possibility and fate. This is a threshold for all of us. The New Moon eclipse is conjunct Chiron in Aries, so our mission is clear. Whatever preparations are being made, there is a focus on healing the wound. How do we heal the wound? Do you know what your wound is yet? Around mid February, this would have been showing itself in overt ways. 

Because– if we heal ourselves we heal the world. If we start transmuting the wounding and trauma into healing– each of us– the reverberations on a global scale are huge. The entire world is currently being led by trauma response, so many wounds are driving decisions that ignore the truth, the earth, the joy, the beauty, the fragility of it all.

This is a rallying cry.

Chiron’s tour of Aries has pulled out and had us contending with an identity wound. Something that goes deep– a pattern of thought that could be from early childhood, or a wound that reaches back generations. Chiron is linked to our DNA. There’s the Haudenosaunee principle of 7 generations backwards and forwards– we respect the knowledge and lineage in both directions. Chiron links us to the past and future of humanity. Trauma has spread through our families, our ancestors, as the brutality of survival has made us all develop coping skills and karmic lessons to work through. This New Moon is asking us, with the aid of Chiron, and the precision of divinity; to reclaim your wildness, the pureness of your energy, the part of you that has been stuffed away in a box, or scared to show its face.

New Moons– and especially new Moon eclipses– are actually the sacred moment when ending and loss fuse with beginnings and gain. They are at one, and this is a space of magic. It is the moment that touches eternity. It is consecrated.

Each of us gets this moment to touch into this very deeply raw part of ourselves, and in doing so– heal their ancestors and therefore themselves and therefore the world. This takes a strength like no other. Because the seed is planted in you, your cells, and everything you are, you can’t get this wrong. Your only job is to exist– as your pure self. But if you want to go deeper, and bigger with it, there is huge potential. For those of you who like to fuck around and find out– I have a mission for you.

This new Moon eclipse wants to heal. And that means facing your rawness and also the awareness of how you have ignored, caged, hidden, or hated this part of yourself, and now in this moment, you must LOVE it. This is some serious next-level work to do, and it’s not usually all that much fun, because to heal we must feel the pain. But healing is forgiveness, compassion, and it’s being seen. It’s a vulnerable place to admit these things to yourself and others– and it’s a power move. 

Make no mistake, this is about how we move forward. This is about the new beginnings we have been building. This moment of healing is a moment of change that is we are calling for. Change that is needed. We can send our sacred wish of love and healing to the future. As within so without.

Intentions made within 12 hours after the eclipse will be potent, and spending time in your own self that day– especially while it happens, is an excellent way to honor this moment. To sit there and know that you love your whole self. You don’t need a bunch of crystals, oils, potions, lotions, talismans or idols  to make this sacred; but also, fill your boots if it pleases you. You do need to make a moment for you with yourself, a commitment to heal, and love that self. To really actually do it. Because in that moment when you do it, you cast a spell of healing that will reverberate through the fabric of the veil. That moment can take place in a bathroom stall. That moment can be in a lineup. You are yours– for you– wherever you are.

You can start practicing, and training for this sacred mission. In every moment of your life when you remember to do it. Maybe you remember this mission, after you just ate too much food in a frenzy and you are too full. Maybe it’s when you get super annoyed with your kid and feel ashamed about it. You could be in the car, or washing dishes. You realize you spent way too much money and then you remember the mission. You have argument with someone you love and you feel small and helpless– oh yeah, the mission. Maybe it’s in the middle of the show you are half-watching while scrolling on your phone. You can start practicing this work whenever you remember to.

Oh yeah, hello Me. I love me. 

Yes…even that part of me…(to yourself) I love you too. 

I’m sorry I ignored you. 

I hurt you. 

I do love you. 

I love you so much,

I love you, Me. 

And keep doing that when you remember to. Wash, rinse, repeat.

By April 8th, 11:21 am PST/ 2:21 pm EST, which is the exact moment of the eclipse– maybe you want to write that down– you will be a master at remembering to love, heal, accept, and support your true self. At that moment you will catch the spark of creation, and help us all heal the wound collectively. And if you forget, or get distracted at that exact moment, it’s ok. By practicing this mission, you’re already adopting it into your consciousness, sending it out, casting a spell for the future.

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