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Aquarius in Venus: Breaking- Free from our Relationship Patterns & Changing the Way We Connect

On February 16th, Venus moves into Aquarius until March 11th. She joins Pluto and Mars there-- and this is a big deal. There’s an impulse to freedom, perhaps shrugging off what you used to traditionally want or value and bringing you to something different. This is an energy of statements like:

I never usually don’t  like this kind of thing; I’ve changed. 

I can’t repress this impulse anymore.

I have to deal with this thing, I don’t want to carry it around anymore.

I need to move forward towards this person, and I don’t know why.

I feel drawn in this direction and I don’t know why.

I need to start over again, anew.

This is the kind of energy that wants to drag up some of your relationship stuff (Venus rules the South Node currently in Libra) and make you look at it. It wants to make you emerge from the (often unconscious) patterns that are outdated and no longer useful. 

This energy is for the unique weirdos, it’s letting your freak flag fly. You get to be smarter and cooler with your connections, you get to reset your relationships to something that feels more spacious, more you, and more modern. 

Aquarius Venus also affects finances; fringe businesses and online and digital business are favored. Computers and AI are definitely helping us earn more. Aquarius Venus wants to help others, so this might come into more community themes. 

Friendships are favored, camaraderie, and collectives are going to work with this transit. There is something super connected in the greater field and air, and it’s an impulse to get your soul where it’s supposed to be, but it does it through the group. Intellectual connections are in vogue, there’s an impulse to get to the truth and greater good. 

The shadow side of Aquarius Venus is a colder, more removed approach to connection that can be experienced as selfish, or contrary, an impulse for freedom at any cost, and pushing agendas for weirdness’s sake. Revolution can erupt, and hivemind can have us enveloped in something we may not truly resonate with, because it makes sense for the overculture or your greater community. You can get swept up in a crowd, or in some kind of cohort. 

On February 17th, at 12:35 PST we get our first taste of what it means to have our repressed impulses come to the surface. This Aquarian impulse to transform our relationships, and how we connect could have us going to different people, places, or communities. There might be an explosion, breakdown, or breakthrough with our status quo relationships or finances. You will be asked to let go of something, someone, or some way of doing things. This is new energy, and Pluto wants you on task. You may experience intense emotions-- jealousy, fear, ambivalence, cool rational thoughts versus big emotional needs for freedom. There is a buzz in the air as we start a new way of being connected to others.

Aquarius rules the shins, calves, and knees because they like to move forward, but remember their polarity, Leo. Venus went retrograde in Leo last summer, and that’s when our Venus journey started, to be realized on February 21st in a Venus and Mars conjunction with Pluto, in the very early degrees. This is a very rare thing indeed, and when we remember Leo, we remember our heart. Moving forward, away, and through is Aquarius’s way, but remember to bring that heart along with you. There is so much change going on, repressed ideas are spilling over, impulses for liberation are strong, but remember, that Venus is a relationship planet and a resource/ value planet. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. 

And if leading by heart means that some relationships can’t come with you, I’m sorry. That’s the Saturnian part of this. Saturn-- the ancient ruler of Aquarius-- is currently in Pisces. It will dissolve what doesn’t work anymore and make you create a structure that is spiritually and emotionally aligned. Your heart may require a cleanse, or at least, some healing. But that’s essentially a good thing. Where you are going, you’ll want to pack light.

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This accurately describes my life this week. Intense, revolutionary, exhausting, relationally fraught....

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