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Astrology Transits for April 17th: The Fire-Forward Continues

Someone holds an actual heart
Lead by heart

Leo Moon trine Aries Venus @ 15 degrees

1:02 am PST/ 4:02 am EST

Leo Moon trine Aries North Node @ 15 degrees

2:08 am PST/ 5:08 am EST

Leo Moon trine Aries Mercury @ 15 degrees

8:00 am PST/ 11:00 am EST

Leo Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

10:52 am PST/ 1:52 am EST

Aries Venus conjuncts North Node @ 15 degrees

11:33 am PST/ 2:33 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 21 degrees

1:11 pm PST/ 4:11 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees

2:19 pm PST/ 5:19 pm EST

Lots of beneficial fire trines today to really work with our needs and instincts, emotionally how we lead and take pride in ourselves, what we need to feel seen. Fire trines inspire, and propel, effortlessly. They help us along on our goal, and show us what we are made of.

Moon trine Venus. Emotions are hot and high and connection can be obtained. What is important is coming into view, and we are drawn towards something that is stirring us, and helping us know more about ourselves, about our needs. There could be some spice in this trine.

Moon trine North Node shows us in our emotional body that we can follow some of more innate instincts. These might be instincts that are recently discovered or recovered, they definitely aren’t the instincts you normally pull out at a dinner party, this is some deeper level guidance that you worked on over the past few months to recognize in yourself. Your body will know how to be you 2.0, or O.G. or whatever, and you will move into the future with that essence.

Moon trine Mercury. The fire forward continues as thoughts, conversations and ideas are all pointing to who you are becoming. This energy is propelling you to think, lead, talk about something that fires you up,  and there’s this inspirational tone to it all.

Moon trine Chiron. How we hold through our emotional body, and our hearts will come from a very painful place sometimes. We are healing– and with that our identity of what that pain is and how we’ve adopted it as a personality trait. Today we will use this deep knowledge seamlessly.

Venus conjunct North Node. Venus in Aries knows what it wants and is boldly ready to move into the future. There is impulse and direction to this way of valuing and connecting, and everything might feel clunky and awkward, but you know where to put your money, you know where to put your adoration. This Venus is concerned with your self and identity, there is a pureness to the way it connects, receives, and likes what it likes. It’s bold and courageous and ready for adventure. This Venus is raw and unfiltered and ready to go, and with the North Node, it’s ready to connect into the  future.

Moon square Jupiter. This day is lighting your fire, Jupiter is asking you to look at what you believe. Especially about how you see reality. This Moon is dramatic because it leads by heart, and wants what’s best for everyone. Jupiter wants to expand our idea of reality, work, comfort, and security.  Something could happen where our beliefs about reality and our needs are not working together, or we need to look at how they are in discordance. 

Moon square Uranus.  So whatever we’ve learned today about our intentions for everyone, and our emotional needs will get one last little flash of insight, information, or unexpected plot device. Uranus will mix things up to teach us about our knee jerk reactions and dramatic feelings, asking us to ground into what’s real, what’s changing, and what needs to be done to set us free. 

What inspired you most today?

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