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Astrology Transits for April 24th & April 25th: The Scorpio Moon Vibe is Still Haunting Us

Two wrestlers ready to go at it.
Intimacy comes in many forms.

Wednesday April 24th

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 16 degrees

3:51 pm PST/ 6:51 pm EST

Moon trine Saturn. This deeply cleansing Moon wanes through Scorpio and touches in with a beneficial trine with Pisces Saturn. This Moon touches all the sensitive parts in our bodies, especially our emotional response mechanisms. This Saturn wants us to keep on task spiritually and discard what is not coming with us in our purposeful work. This might come to us as a sense of emotional clarity or healing.

Did you learn something yesterday that is coming to show you what you really need to know moving forward? 

Do you have a clearer vision of a situation you are in and how to move through it authentically?

Thursday April 25th

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

3:25 am PST/ 6:25 am EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Jupiter @ 22 degrees

4:54 am PST/ 7:54 am EST

Mercury direct in Aries conjunct North Node @ 15 degrees

5:54 am PST/ 8:54 am EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Mars @ 26 degrees

11:26 am PST/ 2:26 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 28 degrees

4:16 pm PST/ 7:16 pm EST

The Scorpio Moon vibe is still haunting us a bit with its lessons, because whatever was revealed during the full Moon period is probably reverberating through our lives in a liminal, subtle, yet powerful way. You now know something you didn’t before, and that is going to change things moving forward. 

Moon oppose Uranus. Oppositions come in the form of something to deal with in relationships. They are often filled with some kind of tension, be it sexual, conversational, or situational. With Scorpio Moon here, all bets are off! There are emotional needs and instincts coming up, and likely something related to the full Moon a few days ago. With Uranus here, there is a new development, surprise, or piece of information that will centre around security, freedom, steadiness, work, or comfort. These two will be at odds, and continue the work of the full Moon.

Moon oppose Jupiter. Coming hot in from the Uranus opposition, the tension now is getting into our beliefs, and ideas of expansion. There is determination and passion in this Moon, as well as incredible focus. There is practicality and a willingness to work towards what we want, but also we could be stuck in our beliefs and have a hard time letting them expand to something bigger. Moon wants to possess and Jupiter wants to based in reality. Can you see the bigger picture? Can you consider another person’s feelings?

We can breathe a sigh of relief as Mercury goes direct today, where our thoughts, conversations, and ways of moving around go much smoother, clearer, and rooted in our self. This has been a ride for many of us, for me it’s just been jumbled and muddy thinking, for others it’s been a landmine of communication issues that are teaching what it is to speak from you heart and soul. How interesting that this pivot happens directly on the North Node, speaking to how we move into our future selves. This could feel awkward, or untrained as we maybe have to use new muscles to be ourselves. And Mercury still has to go over it’s retrograde shadow before we are speeding ahead. No matter, there will be a shift in our thinking and conversation, and it is significant based on the North Node’s role in it. Have you noticed how you’ve shifted the way you think?

Moon trine Mars. Our emotional body and instincts will benefit our desires, will, and actions. We are in a healing trine, so there may be something that has come up about how we move through the world as ourselves that feels especially significant and in need of some attention. Why do we want what we want? Is there something to admit to ourselves, and potentially forgive ourselves for?

Moon trine Neptune. This vibe expands from the Mars trine, as we look at what is hard to understand and hard to grasp. This trine is asking us to have deep compassion for others, which really requires deep compassion for ourselves. Compassion is such a beautiful sentiment, but it’s often tinged with pain. Neptune can also get into areas where we’ve deluded ourselves, or been victimized. This also requires deep compassion. We should not be ashamed of not knowing or not seeing something. We are dealing with some old templates and instinctual knowledge carried down from our ancestors. Try to cultivate this deep compassion for yourself to heal whatever is painful.

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