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Astrology Transits for April 26th and 27th: Aim High For What You Want

A tree grows in the wreckage.
We can grow beauty from anything.

Friday April 26th

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries North Node @ 15 degrees

11:49 pm PST/ May 27th 2:49 am EST

Friday is a day to be inspired with this optimistic Moon working in a fire trine with the North Node. There is a gem here for you, both in the way you are physically in the world, and where you are going and you will get some sort of message, boost, or help with this. Aim high for what you want, and let your body adjust to what inspires you. It’s a different uncomfortable than you are used to. Try to feel into how ascension can feel overwhelming and disorienting at first but then, you can settle in.

Saturday April 27th

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Mercury @ 16 degrees

12:58 am PST/ 3:58 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 16 degrees

1:20 am PST/ 4:20 am EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 20 degrees

9:04 am PST/ 12:04 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Mars @ 28 degrees

11:16 pm PST/ April 28th 2:16 am EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Venus @ 28 degrees

11:54 pm PST/ April 28th 2:54 am EST

Sagittarius Moon locates today’s astrology in our body, instincts, and emotional reactions. We are aiming higher, spiritually, because we don’t know how not to. We are being driven to something more, even if we don’t know what.

Moon trine Mercury. Mercury in Aries is going forward now and therefore we are thinking more clearly as ourselves. We are more able to communicate our true self to others, and that may or may not make things better. No matter, this Moon wants us to aim high with how we exist in the world. Honor ourselves more, and our potential. Who are you growing into? Whoever you are becoming, it will be easier to be that person with this trine. You will catch a glimpse of the person you are becoming and inspire yourself, even if the work you are doing is hard, or sad, or frustrating. 

Moon square Saturn. So we are seeing a bigger versions on who we are and who we can be. But Saturn is not going to let us get too big for our britches. We can not over idealize what we are about to do. Saturn will create a condition for us that shows us what is solid for our journey, and what will dissolve. Pisces Saturn is a spiritual taskmaster, it doesn’t let us sit in the shallows, we have to roll in the deep. Sagittarius Moon is beautifully optimistic, but sometimes idealistic, and righteous. This moment will keep you on track in a beautiful, but potentially frustrating way. 

Moon trine Chiron. Whatever this chain of events hands us, there is an opportunity for healing and for that healing to propel you further. This won’t be something that you need to do or say, or plan or get prepared. This will happen for you, easily, and it could take many forms. Sometimes the subtlest moments are the most meaningful. Maybe you realize that you don’t have to do something anymore. Maybe you realize that you have power to choose differently. Maybe you end up in an unplanned situation that is inspiring and healing at the same time. Whatever form this takes, it’s a bouquet being thrown from the gods, and you just caught it.

Moon square Mars. So– how do you move through emotional and physical inspiration– when the spiritual desire and energy you expel come into odds? Maybe you want more for your physical life and yet you are called to sit in meditation, or care-give, or life asks you to put your energy on what is truly important which means that you will have to sacrifice something you want to point your arrow at for now. This territory can potentially sting. It can potentially feel heavy, like you are once again martyring yourself for something instead of following your own beliefs. Rest assured your arrow needs to be sharp to hit any target, and that’s what this is about. You are being asked to hone, and imbue your desires and will with the highest life-force. It’s hard to get there but you will.

Moon trine Venus. A nice note to end on today as this ambitious and idealistic Moon touches the heart of what we value and connect with. We are working with both, and with the squares that challenged us today–we also find a way to really integrate a goal, ambition, deep wish: intention. Intentions are great but so many times our intentions are based from subconscious influences that don’t always consider our soul work, our karma, or our sacred role in the world. Our intentions can be powerful and rooted AND they can be misguided, selfish, based on false information, or coming from a fear-based place. The reason we don’t always get what we want is because some of the things we want aren’t even the things we want, we just think we want them. This trine is a way to get in touch with what we actually connect with, love, and cherish. What we actually value, and how that can be enmeshed in our overall vision of the world. This doesn’t always come in a beautiful package with a pathway of rose petals leading to a bed. Sometimes this comes in a package that crystallizes the difference between what we DON’T want, and therefore what we want is on display with a spotlight and a neon arrow. However this surfaces for you, this beautiful stroke of emotional and instinctual synchronicity, know that you are in integrity with yourself, at least for now. And if you can– enjoy it. 

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