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Astrology Transits for Friday April 19th: It's Taurus Season

A bull is worshipped.
Taurus season is upon us.

Sun enters Taurus

7:00 am PST/ 10:00 am EST

Virgo Moon oppose Pisces Saturn @ 15 degrees

2:52 pm  PST/ 5: 52 pm EST

And just like that it’s Taurus season, we are ready to do this thing, we are on the path, we will do the work, we will enjoy the beauty that is life. We will eat well, drink well, honor the ground, bring stability and cadence to our life. Our senses are firing! Let’s be real. Let’s connect to earth. Let’s be rooted to what we will carry through.  Taurus season says we can do it, we are strong, and we are consistent. We are learning to expand our beliefs about reality, and through that we honor, and through what we work to do. We like the finer things in life because we did the fine work.  We will sustain. We will connect to the land and those that defend it.  We honor the land we are a part of.

Moon oppose Saturn.  There are things that chase us in terms of trying to get it right or make it better, or solve the problem. Sometimes we are seduced by someone else’s drama, and we can find ourselves following them around with a broom and a dustpan trying to clean up their mess. And then one day we realize that we were just trying to keep someone else’s path clean, but we weren’t even on our own path. 

What is real and enduring? You will be working on this. Pisces Saturn doesn’t let us hold anything that is not vital to our work. Virgo Moon is trying to hold together what Pisces Saturn is dissolving. It’s uncomfortable and futile, but necessary.

Who and what are you in service to and why? How does it feel in your body? Are you on your own path or someone else's? Is there anything that you are ready to let go of?

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