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Astrology transits for June 4: It's a Gemini Jam

Gemini Jam goes well on toast
It goes good on toast but it really loves to served at tea time.

June 4th has some big energy coming hot on the heels of Mercury’s ingress into Gemini, which is a sign that it rules and is very happy to be in. Read more about the Gemini vibe here. Around 12:37 am PST/ 3:37 pm EST on June 3rd, Mercury ingressed to the sign of twins, which dabbles in duality, conversation, communication  and curiosity. On June 2nd we had a pretty important trine between Gemini Jupiter and Aquarius Pluto. Let’s unpack this frenetic and friendly Gemini Jam and what it means for all of us, shall we?

First– June 2nd’s trine between Gemini Jupiter and Aquarius Pluto bequeathed upon us some sort of insight, growth and transformation. This was beneficial energy designed to happen effortlessly and usually providing some sort of luck, blessing, or ease. Jupiter is a social planet that is concerned with our collective, and Pluto in Aquarius is interested in making us see what’s been hidden, and letting it transform us. Aquarius, concerned with freedom and humanity, and this Pluto is beckoning us to some sort of new way of working with the world.  If you received a benefit or growth on Sunday, you may be able to parse out what this air energy wants for you as you move forward. Is there something that you have recognized or learned about yourself and your channel? Where is the energy leading you? What has been revealed and what does that mean?

Second– June 3rd’s ingress of Mercury into Gemini is an energy change. Mercury is fast moving, intelligent, and processes data. The energy is very different than Taurus, where Mercury just left, which is slower, more intentional, more focused, and concerned with security. Gemini Mercury moves quickly and jumps around. Its easily distracted but can pull in big downloads. So we might feel overwhelm, come up with big ideas, engage in lots of conversation, and feel a a propensity to walk into amoral situations with curiosity. Mercury is changeable, and is related to trickster energy and that operates especially well in Gemini. It’s both good and bad cop, on both teams, playing both sides, it’s going both ways. This way of thinking is sharp, quick witted, charming, dubious, and inconstant. 

June 4th will be about relationships. Gemini needs a twin, Venus is a relationship planet, and we have literally 2 conjunctions back to back.  

The first is when Mercury conjoins Jupiter at 2 degrees at 3:12 am PST/ 6:12 am EST. This aspect is a powerful blending of our belief and social orientation mixing with this sharp minded way of understanding the world. Conversations may have a more spiritual or belief center. Remember Jupiter can also have a tendency towards the excessive. There is this idea of duality in all of it, an ability to see bigger, and Gemini likes to be confused. This conjunction can also bring a dose of anxiety, or overwhelm, but that’s because of how many cylinders are firing. Watch the coffee intake, this vibe is buzzing. 

The second conjunction puts Venus in the Sun at 14 degrees at 8:18 am PST/ 11:18 am EST. When Venus makes a superior conjunction with the Sun she is super powered, but also purified. As you’ve gone through some crazy months of relationship clarifications and polarity, it might be time to look at what you really value, who you really value, your relationship to abundance, and how you connect. This will get into your identity and ego; who are you really, and how does that mix with others? The North Node is sextiling this conjunction in Aries, meaning that this moment has some benefit or nudge to our future self. 

Because this conjunction has a Gemini flavour, there is a lighter side to this energy, but also an insistence in stirring the pot and diving into the darker forces. This is one of the truest mysteries of the Gemini way; it acts as a mirror, it has many faces, and loves to dive into both sides of the pool. But trust, it will get out of the deep end-- pronto. It doesn’t plan to stay there very long, and as we approach the Summer Solstice and the equal balance of light, Gemini will always push for the light. But this cazimi moment has a square to Saturn in Pisces, giving it a bit more depth than it wants. Pisces is the ocean deep itself, and Saturn will keep us on our spiritual responsibilities, never letting anything come easy, with this powerful moment. As we contend with the confusion and distraction of this energy, we might find ourselves better equipped to be in the deep end of the pool, whether we prefer the shallow end or not. This moment is a threshold for the upcoming new Moon in a few days. We'll get into that soon!

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