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Astrology Transits for Monday April 1st: What Are You Looking Forward To, and Are You Scared To Be Too Excited?

Two grandmas sleep with their grandson.
Being excited is hard work.

Mercury retrograde from 27 degrees Aries to 15 degrees Aries

3:14 pm PST/ 6:14 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Sun @ 12 degrees

8:09 pm PST/ 11:09 pm EST

The big news today is that Mercury is stationing retrograde to help us explore our identity and understanding of how we see ourselves. We have been doing so much exploration and solidification about who we are in relationships and what is our stuff and what is theirs. We are going to go over this terrain: how we think, how we identify, and how we communicate our thoughts and the paradigm we work from. The retrograde will throw in some miscommunications, delays, and snafus into the mix to make us drill down on situations that expose where we are coming from. There is nothing to fear about this transit, it’s usually just marked with some mildly annoying logistics, and frustrating conversations, but this is all designed to show us who we are and what thought patterns and identifications need some massaging. This is for you, and there is so much going on in April, getting solid in how you see things will be helpful.

Moon square Sun. This is a cardinal square designed to initiate a growth of your personality. This Moon instinctively knows how to work through the big emotion and get things done anyway. This Sun is bursting with life. Together these two are like a grandmother trying to get a nine year old to go to bed. They operate at different frequencies, but there is love. The youthful and exuberant part of your identity doesn’t want to stop, the careful and strategic part of your emotional body knows better than to eat 10 lbs. of sugar. Both are beautiful parts of us bumping up with different motivations. Squares are frustrating circumstances meant to teach us how to initiate growth. What are you looking forward to, and are you scared to be too excited? What feels like it’s going too fast, haphazardly, and can you trust that it might work out anyway?

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