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Astrology Transits for Monday April 22nd: We Are Going To Be Dealing With Relationships Today

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Let's tango!

Libra Moon conjunct South Node/ opposite North Node in Aries @ 15 degrees

3:44 am PST/ 6:44 am EST

Libra Moon opposite Aries Mercury @ 16 degrees 

5:08 am PST/ 8:08 am EST

Libra Moon opposite Aries Chiron @ 20 degrees

12:52 pm PST/ 3:52 pm EST

YOD~ 5 hours: Libra Moon is the apex @ 21 degrees, inconjunct Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees and Pisces Mars @ 24 degrees

2:28 pm PST/ 5:28 pm EST

Libra Moon opposite Aries Venus @ 21 degrees

4:22 pm PST/ 7:22 pm EST

We are going to be dealing with relationships today. There is some fine tuning that needs to be explored and Libra Moon will have us learning a lot about making decisions, negotiating, mediating, and balance. Libra Moon wants everything to be fair and equal. It wants peaceful resolution, and beautiful environs. 

Moon conjunct South Node. Our most ingrained instincts and reactions showing up. We might have been peacekeepers at home, or had this idea that we could do something to make our mother happy when we knew that she was very unhappy. Maybe we took on someone else’s happiness, and sublimated our own to make things safer. Something will come up that will have us thinking about our relationship patterns, and where those patterns are taking us.

Moon oppose Mercury. With Mercury’s backwards dance through Aries we are fine tuning our own identity. We are looking at how we think and communicate and exploring what isn’t working for us, or what needs tweaking. This opposition punctuates it. This is a place where we need to think about our needs, our behavior, and our emotional regulation, and we need to be able to communicate it to those we are in relationship with.  This opposition will force its hand, through miscommunications, or missed connections, something that makes us have to drill down on our identity.

Moon opposite Chiron. We come face to face also with our identity wound while we are in situations that are asking us to deal with relationship patterns. Chiron is linked to our DNA and it reaches back into patterns we can’t even realize are there. Moon wants to make things fair, equal, pleasant, pretty. There are knee jerk reactions based on trauma that everyone brings to the table. And somebody else’s trauma can trigger our own. There could be a tension between the need to heal and the need to balance. There’s a tension between what we need to emotionally regulate, and what we need to be ourselves. This is difficult, but necessary. We have to understand what peace really is in relationships. Just because we aren’t confronting what’s there doesn’t make it peaceful.

This yod will carry for around 5 hours of the day with Libra Moon at apex. The conditions set between Uranus and Mars suggest that there will be intention and motion mixed with unexpected change and new information that will have us feeling hardwired to deal with important relationships.  Our bodies, and emotional regulation will be the mechanism for this energy, a crunchy moment with others that you couldn’t avoid, you couldn’t really stop, and here it is hitting you in your instinctual body. And you’ll have to contend with how to balance, how to be fair and just while it happens. This is pointing you somewhere important in how you are doing relationships, and how you are doing YOU in relationships.

While that yod is happening, Moon opposes Venus. Venus is the planet of relationships and she’s in her fall in Aries. Venus rules this Libra Moon. So we have this idea of working through what we need and how we instinctively react versus our pure need for connection and understanding. We have a strong impulse of what and who we want innately, and we have some baggage from the past about it. We are carrying a knapsack full of old ideas and notions, patterns and habits, and instincts going back generations. All of that is coming face to face with this unabashed impulse to connect, love, and receive. It’s time to be who you really are, and of course that might make relationship dynamics unharmonious or discordant. That’s ok. Peace isn’t peace unless it’s peaceful for everyone.

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