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Astrology Transits for Monday March 25th: There is Something That You Left Behind

A person crosses into a new world alone.
Here we go. We can do it.

South Node Lunar Eclipse @ 5 degrees Libra

12:00 am PST/ 3:00 am EST

Libra Moon conjunct South Node, opposite North Node in Aries @ 15 degrees

9:07 pm PST/ March 26th 12:07 am EST

Leading up to the eclipse, you likely found some mounting pressure, or maybe some peace. The release of past karma can be hard or easy to let go of, and that’s going to give us the relative experience of what you are being asked to do. 

For me it felt like clarity, easy, flow, YES. What I am letting go of is ready to go. But it’s also possible that letting go has been a tough or even horrendous process. Or just an unexpected reminder of that deep sadness. Whatever it is, it won’t be missed. You did it. You are no longer carrying whatever it was. 

This is going to redirect your life.

Today is going to be about that. The growth. The change. The new reality. This could be subtle or overt. It could be peaceful or difficult. It could feel fundamental or background. But there IS a change. There is a new rooted identity. There is something that you left behind. 

Moon conjuncts the South Node. So while you are processing or living this new reality, there will be instinctual reactions, inklings, and patterns coming up, physically. Your body will have something to say about it. There will be relationship dynamics involved. You will have an instinct to keep peace and harmony and you will also find a place where you must self identify. This transit is a punctuation of the eclipse and meant to move you into the portal. 

Clarifying the way you do YOU in relationships is hella important. You are important. Seeing your power and magic, what you have to offer the world is part of this magic. 

How can your magic be shared with the world, and not just one person? Does anyone need more of your magic than you can give? How do you protect your magic, so that you have enough to give to everyone? Libra Moon is about fairness, equality, and justice (whatever that is) and emotionally it’s trying to find even-ess. This eclipse movement is trying to help us see, feel, understand how we move in the body towards making everything better, and how maybe, everything doesn’t need to be better. Maybe physically we are taking on a problem we can’t solve. Maybe we are trying to help everyone be ok with something that isn’t working?

Can we sit with that?

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