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Astrology Transits for Sunday April 21st: There Will be Healing

Someone watches the sunset with their dog.
It's great to be here.

Aries Venus conjunct Chiron @ 20 degrees

4:44 am PST/ 7:44 am EST

Taurus Sun square Aquarius Pluto @ 2 degrees

9:50 am PST/ 12:50 pm EST

Venus conjunct Chiron. There will be healing. But with healing there is pain. What we value and connect with is a source of wounding but also of healing, we have learned how to integrate our issues around how we interact with money and abundance and also with people that we connect with. There is some rich territory here because we are so close to the eclipse point earlier in the month, where we really had to look at ourselves, and our deepest essence of who we are. There is this purity of identity and the wound that made it painful to find that part of ourselves, and now Venus, the planet of relationships and receiving has come to greet this wound as well. This work requires self love and an honesty of who we are so that we can love and be loved. This is a bold Venus, she is unfiltered, and Chiron here wants this wound to be integrated. Can you be honest with yourself and others? Can you show up for yourself in relationships? If this is painful, can you see the progress you have made?

Sun square Pluto. Our idea of ourselves will be challenged to change. We are moving into a new space in humanity and transforming to meet that goal. With Taurus Sun we are connected and conscious of what is real and what is tangible and that is coming into friction with our ideals and concepts for the world. It’s great to have theories but how do we actually live them? If we don’t start dreaming bigger and taking leaps of faith, how can we change reality? What are you working on, and where are you going? This might be part of the edge of the day today.

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