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Astrology Transits for Thursday April 4th: We Might be Racoons, But We Will Survive This Love Game

Two raccoons get ready to party.
There are so many bad DJ duos out there.

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 18 degrees

8:43 am PST/ 11:43 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 20 degrees

1:25 pm PST/ 4:25 pm EST

Aries Sun conjunct North Node @ 15 degrees

3:04 pm PST/ 6:04 pm EST

Venus enters Aries

9:00 pm PST/ April 5th 12:00 am EST

Moon square Jupiter. Our sense of rebellion and impulse for change is coming into friction with our belief system, and measured expansion. There is this frustration between our instinctual pull and beliefs about what is real, what must be, and what must always be. The impulse of this Moon is toward change and the greater good, and this Jupiter will root us in the real world tangible things on earth. Where does your mind want to skip over reality? What does big change really represent in your world?

Moon squares Uranus. Uranus rules this Moon, and likes to give an unexpected reminder to keep us on our toes. There is some helpful energy here in whatever frustration has presented itself, change is needed but change isn’t exactly a fixed sign’s forte. Perhaps something will come up to simply remind you of your wild impulse to unfold. Perhaps a circumstance will reveal something to you  that changes your way of understanding what you need. 

Sun conjunct North Node. There is something to know today about ourselves and our identity. We are in an eclipse portal and we have been changing, collectively and yet individually through a process of understanding ourselves. Relationships have been the teacher of late, and we have watched ourselves in old habits and patterns, maybe understanding ourselves through other people and not actually through our own selves. Do you know the difference between the thoughts that are yours and the thoughts that came from someone else? With the Sun conjunct North Node in Aries and opposing South Node in Libra, we are trying to find our innate wildness and become conscious to who we really are.  At this moment Venus is in the last degree of Pisces and punctuating the point about what needs to go, dissolve, what can no longer come with you. This is a punctuation to our the full moon eclipse we had on March 25th, we are being asked to recognize ourselves within ourselves because that identity is what is moving forward. When I take away the noise, the patterns– what is truly me? When I exist as me, and identify as me, what does that mean? And what am I moving towards?

Venus enters Aries, where she is in her detriment. When Venus is in Aries, there’s a more direct, blunt and obvious way with her. Venus is how we connect and how we receive, and Aries has a way about it that is overt, un-subtle, and self involved. This can be a beautiful thing, from direct declarations of actual affection, or clear ideas about funds, or hot one-night stands, taking a big and lucrative risk financially (CHA-CHING!,) or telling someone exactly, self effacingly, who you are. But there are also shadow energies of this, going for it-- without thinking if its good because…it’s happening!, agreeing to something just because you want it --even if you know it’s destructive, starting the fight anyway, because it feels emotionally rewarding, slamming the door/ phone/ iPad case. Venus in Aries is honest and real, maybe too real for most. Raw. Unfiltered. Up for anything. DTF. Easily offended. “Let’s get shots!”  “I do what I want” is Aries Venus vibe. Alice Sparkly Cat has a great post about loving Aries Venus, because…I’m an Aries Venus. We are trashy and kind. Totally real and reckless. It’s a whole vibe. Embrace your youth, and allow yourself to make mistakes, that’s my best advice. Aries Venus makes missteps and also… we’re #sorrynotsorry . We might be racoons, but we will survive this love game.

Aries Venus time will have the brats and the mischievous come out. Now is the time of the raven, the trickster, the briar rabbit, shenanigans, fools, and gods. We are doing so much work to be humans. Make sure you're having a little fun too.

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