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Astrology Transits for Thursday March 21st: We Have to Let go of That and Those That do Not Serve

A teddy bear walks through the wreckage.
Sometimes we outgrow the things we love.

Leo Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 18 degrees

1:06 am PST/ 4:06 am EST

Leo Moon trine Aries Mercury @ 10 degrees

2:56 am PST/ 5:56 am EST

Pisces Venus conjunct Saturn @ 12 degrees

3:59 pm PST/ 6:39 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 20 degrees

5:05 am PST/ 8:05 am EST

Leo Moon opposes Aquarius Mars @ 29 degrees

11:31 pm PST/ March 22nd 2:31 am

How’s Aries season hitting? Do you have an idea of who you are moving through all this change and newness? What is on its way out and what is gone already? 

Moon trine Chiron. Maybe you can identify what you need right now. There’s something within you that knows how to take care of you. There’s a part of you that wishes that somebody else knew how to meet those needs, but the flex is, that you know how to do it for you. Perhaps you need to really prioritize this, and perhaps you’re being forced in a sense to go-it alone, but you really know what to do. The emotions of this could feel spiky, because of Chiron, but there is a sense of leadership, ownership, and pride to being your own healer. You are your own medicine.

Moon trine Mercury. The quick thinking, blunt and unfiltered nature of the way you are thinking and talking will direct your way to get your needs met, or communicate that you have needs to be met. Or your instincts will take over and make you understand or say something that has to be said. Either way, there is something going to make you step out and show who you are, and that is awesome.

Venus conjunct Saturn. We have to let go of that and those that do not serve. We have to learn our relationship and financial lessons. It might feel like restraint, contraction, or uncertainty, and we might feel isolated or sobered in this vibe. There is spiritual and artistic promise here too, as this may create the conditions to really work with and connect into what is real. There is a beauty to this moment, but it is also likely we drop some romanticism or delusion about what is happening. Is there something that you are avoiding? Someone? Why? You may find that this moment throws you into exactly what you’ve been avoiding. Maybe you’ve worked hard for something hoping to be rewarded only to find out that you won’t be. Pisces has a hard time with contraction. It doesn’t understand it, and yet, something will be shed. Venus has a hard time letting go of what it loves and likes, and yet, Saturn is a taskmaster and time master. Time may have run out, or we may have worked for something only to see it dissolve. This is to help you keep on track, but it may feel like a loss, or an ending. Again, if you can find the art or spiritual meaning, you’ll sit with this easier. 

Moon square Uranus. New information is introduced that may make us need to be seen or recognized, or that need is agitated by a real-world unexpected change. You might find yourself feeling like you have to take control, or lead a charge, but try to understand if you are just reacting, or if you have a role in this. Fixed squares are frustrating, and they make you feel like nothing will change. Uranus is all about change, so there is a tension in how this plays. You can carry on like this, but not forever. Things are definitely changing.

Moon opposes Mars. There is an impulse and desire for freedom and a need to be seen and loved, to love others. This will come out in a relationship issue. There is creative passion brewing emotionally, and there is direct and distributed revolution. Some weird impulse is driving forth and it’s unpredictable. There is a cold objectivity and passionate feelings. Mars might want to fight. Moon might be up for it too, but if done wrong this can explode. This is a quick transit, so no need to blow up, take a time-out if need be. The Saturn Venus conjunction from earlier is likely the culprit for some of this, and everyone needs to emotionally recalibrate.

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