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Astrology Transits for Tuesday March 26th: What Song is Your Soundtrack in This Part of Your Training Program?

A woman is learning karate on a spaceship.
Get ready to make changes.

YOD~ 5-ish hours 

Libra Moon apex @ 17 degrees, inconjunct Pisces Venus @ 17 degrees sextile Taurus Jupiter @ 16 degrees

1:47 am PST/ 4:47 am EST

Libra Moon opposes Aries Chiron @ 18 degrees

3:15 am PST/ 6:15 am EST

Libra Moon opposes Aries Mercury @ 25 degrees

4:08 pm PST/ 7:08 pm EST

WOOSH. We are in the eclipse portal now, and things are going faster. Future forward right now.  Is anything different? Do you have awareness of what you just left behind?

This yod is quick but there’s a LOT of love in it, and physically, instinctually we are working through relationship questions. This yod is expansive and connective, there’s love and beauty here, but something is being squeezed through our idea of evenness and balance. There is a real vibe on what we actually value, love, and want to grow, there is an imperative that will make itself known about how you love.

Moon opposes Chiron. More relationship dynamic, rooted in what is going to work between us and what hurts, what heals, and can we be individually damaged together? How does that look? Are we a trauma bond? Can we make the world better together? How can we heal together instead of hurting each other?

Moon opposes Mercury. Thoughts and feelings, ideas and instincts. Me and You. What does it mean to think about myself? How does it land when I communicate myself? How can we be balanced together? How can we feel fair, how can we feel harmony together? How do we do this?

There is a lot to learn about being a human that loves other humans today. Oppositions are relationship based and they really attract us to some sort of friction. But remember you are in an 80’s montage where at the end you are going to know a lot more about yourself and how to heal. You will come out with a purpose and destined role. So what song is your soundtrack in this part of your training program? What are you learning, ever so quickly? 

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