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Astrology Transits for Wednesday March 27th: How Can You Direct Your Feelings Into Something Productive?

A woman looks at the flowers.
It's good to get lost in details.

Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 1 degree

5:36 am PST/ 8:36 am EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Mars @ 3 degrees

9:17 am PST/ 12:17 pm EST

Moon square Pluto. Pluto owns this Moon, and we’re already getting rid of a LOT. There are feelings and sensitivities coming up, and there is a procession of stuff that we are dealing with and sending out. This isn’t so weird, but it’s a nice moment for all of us. There’s something weird about all of us, and somehow, this comes into play.

Moon trine Mars. Emotionally we are maybe a bit more open, or real, or in sync. Emotionally we are fine-tuned, sensitive, dealing with chronic pain, and ready for action or reaction. Pisces Mars may want to give up or find an alternative route. How can you direct your feelings into something productive? Is there something you are obsessed with? Why and what does it tell you about yourself?

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