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Astrology Transits Saturday March 2nd 2024

Updated: Mar 2

No major astrology transits today! Probably for the best, there is a lot going on with all this relationship work, with all this shedding of what needs to go, with all this healing that needs to be done.  Saturn, Sun, Mercury, and Neptune are in Pisces.  We are feeling the death and rebirth cycle from the year in full force. But Pisces is never clear. We often are not saying goodbye to what we think we are. Sometimes endings, closings, and dissolutions are overt and obvious, but sometimes something is ending and we don’t quite see it coming.

What is falling away, and what is supporting you? Is something or someone showing up to make it all easier? Can you trust it?

This is a time to remember what your boundaries are and how easily you can get sucked into other peoples’ stories, narratives, or drama. We can get caught up in someone else’s objectives, and start managing all of the calamity it invokes, and then we have taken on somebody else's story. 

There’s squaring with Venus and Mars in Aquarius and Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus. There is a bold new ideas, energy and growth coming forth, and there is tension between how we contend with the new information, the new path forward, and how it uproots and changes what we have already laid down. There is some uncomfortable energy taking us to the finish line of the zodiacal year.

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