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Capricorn Venus squares the Nodes: Put your Money Where your Mouth Is

At 8:01 am PST, on February 6th Venus in Capricorn will square the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra. The last time this happened in Capricorn was December 22nd, 2014, but this is not an overall rare occurrence on its own. This happened in Leo in early June 2023.  

So what can this mean for us and how can we use it? The Nodes are a polarity that are eclipse points and not planetary bodies. They are receptors, in a way, and the South Node points to the karma we came in with. It might be apropos to mention that the South Node is also known as the tail of the dragon. We are usually really good at whatever our South Node represents, we have innate talent, or patterns or tendencies that are almost unconscious. We also must let this part of us go, to some degree, in order to go towards our North Node expression.

The North Node (or head of the dragon,) conversely represents where we are headed– our destiny. This part of us feels awkward, unpracticed, possibly scary or intimidating. Understanding where we are, and where we are going, is helpful in life, when things don’t make sense. We are supposed to try harder and go towards this energy.

This square, in evolutionary astrology– is known as a “skipped step” in a natal chart. It’s an issue that you would have ignored in a past life that is coming back to be worked on. But this square is definitely something that you can, and will work on now. Venus is the planet of connection, what you value, and how you want to be valued. Squares are designed to make you grow, and usually feel crunchy, annoying, and a Cardinal square asks you to initiate something. 

Putting it all together– North Node in Aries is about the self, and individual growth and identity. South Node in Libra is about relationship patterns, relationship habits, and whatever relationship practices you fall into without thinking. Since the Nodes moved into Aries & Libra in July 2203 and won’t leave until January next year, we have been getting worked in our relationships. And Venus squares us here, Venus being the planet of relationship and money/ value/ resources. 

Something today is significant to your growth in this area. Are you a people pleaser? Are you finding a need to individuate within a relationship, or go off on your own? This will be a highlight of relationship stuff you are already working on, but an opportunity for growth and change you may not have experienced before. We are letting go of something and that means we might have a tendency to cling to the old thing…or person. 

Venus in Capricorn wants us to get down to the brass tacks. She doesn’t mess around with flowery promises, or memes on messenger as a stand in for real relationship work. Venus in Capricorn knows that love is a verb– an action you perform– and not just a pleasant  feeling or sentiment. She knows that financially, there are things you have to do (and not do) to keep the flow of resources going. You need to be smart and clear about what your money is doing. You need to be in earth-based reality. 

This square offers you a choice. Will you go back to your patterned way, the more comfortable choices, or will you step out and be a leader in your relationships and finances by doing the work? What are your values and are you living by them? Are you respecting yourself and your needs within this construct?

Don’t worry, you’re going to get more than one day to explore this. Eclipse season is March 25th and April 8th this year, and you’ll find some sweet lessons, sped up in time, to really test your mettle. But for now, who are you, what and who do you hold most dear, and what are you willing to do preserve these things? What parts of you will need to step up to do so?

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