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Daily Transit for Saturday April 8th

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus @ 17 degrees

6:55 am PST/ 9:55 am EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

10:49 am PST/ 1:49 pm EST

Setting the stage here we have Chiron, the Sun and Jupiter in a cluster in Aries. We are still feeling this effect that we’ve been contending with for over a month. The spotlight has been on our wounding, healing, belief system and identity. The spark that is driving us is a lot of figuring out who we are, why we are who we are, and changing and expanding our beliefs about that.

Carrying through from that is our North Node, Mercury, Uranus, and Venus, all in Taurus. So this work is helping us do what is needed for the long haul into our future, our thoughts, feelings and divine insight is all on deck to make sure we can carry this work and “self” into our brave new world.

Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus, bringing upsets and surprises to our day to day or emotional fields. This is divine insight. These kinds of surprises can’t be planned for, but they relate to our overall cognitive understanding of ourselves and our bodies. Scorpio is finely tuned, aware, and defensive at times, and Taurus is slow, receptive and intentional. Surprises will teach us something practical about ourselves. What has been scaring you? Are your fears reasonable?

Scorpio Moon then trines Neptune in Pisces. Is it time to log off, take a break, do meditation? There is a lot of water right now, and perhaps the best thing to do is access spirituality and higher planes? Do a tarot read, consult your runes. Make some art, do a dance, walk in nature. Give your soul some space to play in, perhaps some water to swim in.

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