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Daily Transit: Tuesday April 4th 2023

Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

6: 48 am PST/ 9:48 am EST

Yod: Libra Moon is apex (0-3 degrees,) inconjunct Pisces Saturn (3 degrees) and Taurus Mercury (2 degrees)

3:04 pm PST- April 5th 12: 45 am PST/ 6:04 pm EST- April 5th 3:45 am EST

Libra Moon trine Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

3:13 pm PST/ 6:13 pm EST

Cancer Mars sextile Taurus North Node @ 5 degrees

5:05 pm PST/ 8:05 pm EST

What’s going on in your nervous system? Virgo Moon wants to make you aware and you might feel hypervigilant or worried about something. Pisces Neptune will make it nice and confusing, possibly unknowable… Why does it do that though? We want to solve the problem and get down to the brass tacks. The thing is, if we are steeped in fear, sometimes we are more concerned with solving the problem than solving the ACTUAL problem in THE RIGHT WAY. There are many examples of fear-based and knee jerk reactions made from well intentioned places to feel better. Pisces Neptune will obscure the answer to sit in the problem longer. Can you allow the problem to be there for a while without trying to fix it? Can you feel into it despite a strong impulse to end the discomfort?

The Yod for the second half of the day really echoes this theme. Libra Moon is looking for beauty, balance, and fairness. Moon is looking for that on a fundamental level, deep inside, and does the work of the bloodline. That is the mechanism we are trying to work through. Saturn in Pisces says we have to get down to the root waters and feel into what we are actually doing and why. Taurus Mercury asks us to deliberate and think things through at a slower pace. We have to do the work, we have to think it through and consider what is right for everyone. Taurus Mercury and Libra Moon will really work together for the good of all, Saturn Pisces won’t let us have the answers in a concrete or linear way. Look to Libra Moon’s quality of being indecisive as a strength. There isn’t much certainty in this yod, and it asks us to slow down by holding us in place for a while.

Libra Moon trines Aquarius Pluto as if to allow a helpful boost to our relationships with others and the collective. Libra Moon wants justice and fairness, but so does Aquarius Pluto. Libra Moon may be more internal about how it works on you, Aquarius Pluto more indelicate and in-your-face. But this is a trine and these two can really work together. This is new energy that we are learning how to work with. When everyone is healed and healthy, and equal, we can really do wonders.

Cancer Mars is doing internal work on itself. How do you care for others? Does it deplete or add to your energy? Where is your energy going these days, and do you feel it’s pent up or blocked inside? Cancer Mars is sextiling Taurus North Node– there’s something here for you to learn about your energy and how it wants to move forward. What feels right and aligned? What feels OK, but also weird?

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