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Daily transits for April 11th

Gemini Venus trine Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

2:54 am PST/ 5:54 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

3:46 am PST/ 6:46 am EST

Aries Sun conjunct Jupiter @ 21 degrees

3:01 pm PST/ 6:01 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus North Node @ 4 degrees

6:54 pm PST/ 9:54 pm EST

Today is a big day! We start out with brand new Gemini Venus making a trine to Aquarius Pluto. This is bold, smart and intense attraction, connection, and information. This is what you really like or don’t like, or a mixing of the two. This is something guaranteed to transform you forward. This small transit will pack a whopping punch of inspiration, help, or insight that you have needed. You are smart and on the ball- conscious of what is happening- and moving powerfully through the changes. What new information has come to light? How are you able to see the invitations to get too involved with something and yet find yourself not falling for anything? You are finding your power in interesting places.

Sagittarius Moon squaring Pisces Neptune makes a very spiritual and confusing mutable square. These two signs are ruled by Jupiter, but also Neptune rules Pisces so this Piscean vibe is pretty strong. This guarantees to play with your notions of truth and illusion, beliefs and ideas, emotional growth and losing oneself in your art. This mutable square has a movement and dissolving quality and will play with your emotions. What ideas are coming forth right now? Pay attention to them, but don’t bet the farm on them. There is more to learn here.

The big transit of the day is Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries. This is an amplification and ego boosting transit for all. Some say this will bring good news. Your identity, your luck and your beliefs about yourself is favored. Of course, this can go the way of righteousness and digging into one's belief system based on– perhaps– the wrong ideas. But there is something fortuitous and grand about this conjunction.

Whenever a planet goes into Sun, it’s has gone “Cazimi” or combust– you cannot see the luminosity of the planet anymore because the sun obscures it and takes on its power.This means that you will be about to start a new, one-year and one month cycle that will end in with the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in May in Taurus next year. This is seen as a time to manifest and set intentions for your future.

Finally we have an earth-trine with Capricorn Moon and the North Node in Taurus. What makes you feel rooted and grounded? How can you use your practicality and emotional common sense today? It’s fitting to have an earth trine to ground us after the Jupiter/Sun conjunction. North Node is about your future, so this Moon and North Node really want us to temper our emotions and beliefs to something practical.

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