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Daily transits for Sunday April 9th

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Venus @ 27 degrees

2:08 am PST/ 5:08 am EST

Sagittarius Moon sextile Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

6:23 am PST/ 9:23 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 3 degrees

12:20 pm PST/ 3:20 pm EST

Yod: Sagittarius Moon as apex,4 - 10 degrees, inconjunct Taurus North Node @ 4 degrees, and Cancer Mars @ 7 degrees, Taurus Mercury @ 8-9 degrees is also in the mix

2:19 pm- April 10th 12:18 PST/ 5:19 pm- April 10th, 3:18 EST

Emotional transformation and hyper sensitivity come into direct opposition with our sensual and connective selves. Are we feeling too sensitive to receive what’s being offered? Is Taurus Venus taking its time and too sustaining to make Scorpio Moon feel safe? This is a fixed opposition of beautiful polarities. Your earthy preferences and connections might be going against your emotional need to transform and release. What are you feeling the need to get rid of or run away from?

Sagittarius Moon makes a beneficial sextile to our brand new Aquarius Pluto. Are you feeling the need to learn more, expand, or travel to feel connected to your body? What must move within you to feel emotionally regulated? This will help feed Aquarius Pluto’s plans for you. While this may feel intense emotionally, it’s really there to serve your larger goals for transformation.

We have a mutable square with Sagittarius Moon and Pisces Saturn. This Moon is really trying to bring us out, spiritually, and Pisces Saturn has a similar goal, but through hard work, putting in time, and through dissolving our false identities. This square is expansive and wants us to change, but it could feel jarring and make us feel untethered emotionally, spiritually, or practically. What are you starting to realize about what you’ve been working towards? What impulses have you running away even when there’s nowhere to run? Have you noticed yourself disassociating from what’s happening, and if so, do you know why?

Finally we have this Yod starring Sagittarius Moon. Sagittarius Moon is ready to go out and tackle things with optimism and fervor. Sometimes Sagittarius Moon is steeped in its beliefs and thinks it knows best. It does not like to be tied down and can overshoot its arrow. But at least it shoots!

The Yod is created with the help of Taurus North Node and Mercury as well as Cancer Mars. Cancer Mars is energy that must be expressed but likely has been pent up in a pressure cooker in Cancer’s crab shell. There may be hurts that have been saved up. Sagittarius Moon is an excellent place to direct the energy, and Taurus Mercury and North Node provide some stability to and divine messages to direct the energy from the other side. There’s something fated coming into this, a way to work with your own emotional regulation. This is a powerful yod, even if it’s short. It wants you to expand– emotionally– through learning, travel, or energetic output.

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