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Daily transits for Thursday March 30th

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

6:43 am PST/ 9:43 am EST

Cancer Mars square Pisces Saturn @ 2 degrees

12: 49 pm PST/ 3: 49 pm EST

Taurus Venus conjunct Uranus @ 16 degrees

3:10 pm PST/ 6:10 PM EST

Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

3:45 pm PST/ 6:45 pm EST

Creativity, dreamwork and spirituality get a boost with the trine from Cancer Moon with Pisces Neptune. Our waters will connect dots, those dots will be intelligence to boost our emotional intelligence, and help us clean out the debris. Pisces Neptune is an open space of confusion, Cancer Moon is a closed container. Together they midwife our creations and clean out our innerscapes. The dust bunnies of trauma, sadness and depression need to be constantly cleaned out, and the watery pair are doing their best work.

Mars in Cancer is trying to sit with the pressure cooker of emotion that it feels when it bumps up against Piscean Saturn. Saturn tries so hard to provide a structure and system, but the system is liminal and unknowable. Mars in Cancer tries desperately to firehose its emotions somewhere, but Piscean Saturn is illusive and underwater. Something is happening, emotion and energy is being expressed, but into what? Piscean Saturn asks you what you have, what you need, and asks where you are going? We are drowning in our own confusion and misdirected energy. But the point is to get it moving. What can you not ignore as you boil over?

Taurus Venus conjuncts Uranus to provides sensual and tactile surprises. You may find yourself connecting with or valuing someone unexpected. Can you allow yourself to receive the unexpected? Can you connect and value what comes instead of what you thought you wanted or needed? Security lies in trust, can you let your guard down a little to let in the unexpected?

Big heart centred Leo Moon faces opposite of cold alien Pluto. There is hot blooded feeling ready to bring its loudest roar to the the cold “beep beep” of this robot destroyer. How are you transforming your relationship to your heart and soul as you watch our world change into something unrecognizable? Can you have individual spirit and lead a pride if Pluto is going AI on us? There is something transforming you into a fierce animal, just as much as you keep your alien cool. Aquarius Pluto has many treats in store yet, but Leo Moon is still around to lead us. Love is still on the menu, love is still worth it, and leading by your lion heart is still in style.

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