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Daily Transits for Wednesday April 5th

Libra Moon square Cancer Mars @ 5 degrees

1:11 am PST/ 4:11 am EST

Aries Chiron conjunct Sun @ 15 degrees

2:56 pm PST/ 5:56 pm EST

Full Libra Moon @ 16 degrees

9:33 pm PST/ April 6th 12:33 am EST

Libra Moon square Mars might have us dealing with emotions boiling over. Although perhaps there’s more of a passive aggressive or reserved flavor to this square. Libra moon likes to keep the peace, and Cancer Mars will side step to avoid confrontation. Either way there are emotions flying and some deep feelings going on. The question will be how to express them. Will you hold it all inside, write in your journal, throw some pottery on the wheel?

The real hurt will reveal itself when Chiron conjuncts Sun in Aries. There’s something you will see and fear on an identity level. What have you already healed within? Is this just coming in to remind you? Or was there a part of your wound that you have ignored and it is now being highlighted? The sun is your ego and Aries is your identity. There is something important to learn here, and maybe you think you’ve already learned it? How does this wounding feel different? Do you feel more healed than ever? Do you feel like you’ve integrated your wounding into your soul? Do you see how your healing can be shared with others? This is an important moment that is dovetailing into the Libra full Moon. This hurt is the backdrop to what comes next.

Something is coming to a culmination that was started in your partnerships back in September on the Libra New Moon. You planted a seed then, what seed was planted and what did it grow into? Was it what you had hoped and dreamed about? What relationships are coming to a close or have run their course? What relationships are just getting started, or deepening? How have you found balance or fairness?

There is something going on between your identity, self and wounding and these important partnerships. Perhaps they set off your wounding? Can you find your identity within them or do they have to go? Do you have to find a deeper balance within them? Is there a way for you to hold it all and ride the wave without losing yourself in your wound?

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