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December 24th and 25th

Sunday December 24th

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 2 degrees

4:57 am PST/ 7:57 am EST

Sagittarius Mars trine Aries North Node @ 22 degrees

10:58 pm PST/ December 25th 1:58 am EST

Moon square Saturn. There’s a serious tone to this mutable energy, and we might be having a hard time. We might wonder what’s it all about? Mutable energy is putting us in a new place, but we don’t know where that is yet, also because it’s dissolving/reforming vibes. We have the Sagittarius vibe holding court, and this square wants us to take in a lesson. We are finding our way in society, in the world, and in our dreams. There is this idea of doing it all and that it will never be done, and that there is so far to go. Maybe you want to reach out, but also maybe it’s better if you don’t .

Fire trine time. There is something the self is becoming and there is an energy to get there. There is inspiration, calling, there is energy being ignited. This is some fire right before a big hullabaloo coming.  There is identity energy coming fierce here, You want to do better and you want to shoot your arrow. The future says you will do what’s important.

Monday December 25th

Scorpio Venus trine Pisces Neptune @ 24 degrees 

9:00 am PST/ 12:00 pm EST

Gemini Moon oppose Sagittarius Mars @ 22 degrees

6:07 pm PST/ 9:07 pm EST

Gemini Moon oppose Sagittarius Mercury @ 26 degrees

10:12 pm PST/ Dec. 26th 1:12 am EST

Water trine. With Venus and Neptune is healing. It gives us some old world/ dyed-in-the-wool/ lineage lesson. This is about love love love. But love is so complicated and we never really admit that. Let’s throw in some power dynamics, some emotional safety issues, fear of death, and extreme fixation. We want what we want. There’s this idea of what you possess if you let go. There is this idea of holding and dissolution.

Moon opposes Mars. We might get in a thing with someone who makes us change. We might be called to consider a lot of options while trying to aim high. There’s a lot of pressure on today, and honestly there’s a T-square with Neptune at the apex here. We might have to dig deep to know how to–just open and accept but that is part of the exercise. Big love, the kind that lets go of the details, is helpful here.

Moon opposite Mercury because mind and body have to dance tonight. What are you thinking and saying and how is the conversation coming up physically? Gemini Moon likes to disseminate information, and Sagittarius Mercury leads the charge. Is there a way we can do it better? Wait, are you triggered? Moon opposition energy coming this long and hard from Gemini means there are conversations flying, there is truth trying to be told.

Remember that T-square asking us to default to compassion, or drunkenness, or love. We do our best, always. It's hard to be a human.

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Dec 25, 2023

Merry Christmas! 🌟🌟🌟

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