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February 19th Chiron conjuncts the North Node in Aries

On February 19th, at 10:49 PST, Chiron will exactly conjunct the North Node. This conjunction happens in Aries, but the South Node sits in Libra, the planet of relationships. The last time this conjunction happened like this, it was 2008. And the last time it happened in Aries was 1969. 

The Nodes are eclipse points that are related to our past karma (South Node) and the North Node is directly opposite and points to our future karma, or fate/ destiny. Right now the Nodes have been helping us clarify our relationship patterns, old way of doing things. We are also looking at finding our selves and identity within these relationships. We may be enacting some old scripts. 

Chiron is known as the “wounded healer.” While Chiron is an asteroid, it’s known as the principle that connects us through our role in society (Saturn) and our role in humanity (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.) Chiron tells us that our greatest wound is a gift to the world as we work to transmute this pain and find ways to help others, a way to be a healing force on the planet. This doesn’t mean it’s time to quit your job and become a life coach. Healing in this world can mean simply the way that you are with those that you care about. Being a healer means that you’ve embarked on the process of healing yourself– on behalf of your ancestors past and future. Healers cannot heal if they don’t face their wounds.

All of us have felt this wound come up in some form. This is the wound that will never heal, but instead can be transmuted or integrated. Have you learned anything about yourself, your capacity, or what you have to offer lately? What gifts does your wounding give you?

This conjunction offers you a chance to walk forward, and step into a new role or identity. It asks you to act, to be more, and offer more of yourself. It asks you if you are repeating ancestral or family behaviour models, perhaps you are dealing with trauma. Are you being shown a different way, a more empowering, enlivened or individual way to be? What are you carrying that is not yours to carry? Are you prepared to walk into– and poke around in what hurts so you can understand yourself?

This moment is a chance to pivot, change your ways, or work with your hurt with compassion. You may be in a relationship that is not serving you on an individual level, or a one that agitates your hurts. How will you find your voice for your pain in this scenario? How will you witness and advocate for yourself?

Sometimes when we are healing, we take a hard line because of our discord. We try to isolate ourselves from those who hurt us, or that are agitating the old kneejerk response. We may try normalise the pain and our response to it– because it’s familiar, and reminds us of an old perimeter we’ve been walking around. How can you heal, authentically, in the middle of a hurricane, with emotional shrapnel flying around?

This is your work. Chiron will show you your wound, the South Node will show your patterns, and the North Node will offer you an alternative or change. Your job is to sit with it, work with it, and be the best person you can be. This transit is the background for a big week full of relationship work. The important part is to find your trust in yourself in this astrology. What does it mean to heal yourself?

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