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February 9th: New Moon in Aquarius: What do you Hope for the Future?

On Friday, February 9th, at 2:58, we’ll have a New Moon in Aquarius. After this occurrence is a spectacular time to write down your intentions. There is something new and fresh that wants to be born out of you, and the dark moon is the perfect time. This New Moon is squared by its own modern ruler; Uranus. This Moon’s ancient ruler, Pisces Saturn, is sextiling Jupiter in Taurus. There is a universal depth and potentiality mixed with an expansive and surprising rhythm afoot. We have this lunar seed planting the day before Chinese New Year and the beginning of the year of the Wood Dragon. 

A New Moon will affect our energy. We are gestating an idea or realization, and Uranus will heavy-handedly let us know what we need to be focused on. Saturn will keep us on-task with our destiny and spiritual imperative, and Jupiter will expand our belief in what’s possible. 

As we approach this moment, we might want to spend some time thinking about the future we want to build. What does it mean to be human in this world and what are you doing to make this world better? This is definitely going to be on your mind in some capacity; Uranus is disruptive and while a New Moon is birthing something, it is also ending something. We have come to a completion and ending in the time before the New Moon-- which is why we do intentions after the conjunction. Only once conjunct we know we are in new, fresh soil to seed our greatest ideas, innovations, and revolutions, personal and universal.

The astrology for the past 6 months has been very relationship-focused. We have seen dramatic recalibrations in our lives (I know I have) to find out who we are really in relationship with, and what habits we repeat on behalf of our karma, lineage, or trauma. We are being asked to identify where we give ourselves away, fail to protect ourselves, and where we need to step into our own power. This New Moon asks us to find the link between ourselves as individuals, and ourselves as members of humanity. What does that even mean?

Who we are as humans in the world will show us who we are in relationships. With the North Node in Aries, we are asked to be courageous, brave, and take responsibility for our identity and self. Someone who can’t take responsibility for themself won’t be the best side-kick for the apocalypse, or whatever is coming. Someone who wants a better world, who sees their role as a human citizen, is likely going to be better at relationships. If you only care about you and yours, you’ll quickly learn that your relationships will reflect an instability. What’s stable is community. What makes humanity work, is interdependence. There will always be a point when you need help. There will always be a point when you need more than one person can deliver. That you can deliver something important to others will be an essential part of your toolkit. You'll need to be connected to the field. This is how we get through.

Uranus will deliver some surprises and information to help us get this message, and plant the Uranian seeds.  February is going to be full of this changeable, intelligent, yet strange energy designed to get you in touch with your power. We are all learning, morphing, and feeling change together. The gods are anointing us, it’s our job to plant our intentions in the dark soil and water them with the powerful energy of the New Moon. This is where the future is born. We need you.

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