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Friday April 7th

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 3 degrees

5:44 am PST/ 8:44 am EST

Scorpio Moon oppose Taurus North Node @ 5 degrees

8:51 am PST/ 11:51 am EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Mercury @ 6 degrees

10:51 am PST/ 1:51 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Cancer Mars @ 6 degrees

11:40 am PST/ 2:40 pm EST

Scorpio Moon does deep work to identify, investigate and eliminate. This Moon is ruled by our newly minted Pluto, as well as Cancer Mars. This Moon is highly sensitive, to the point of showing us our inner wounds on a regular basis. Scorpio Moon remembers the times when we were powerless, and it remembers this IN our body and on behalf of our bloodline. Scorpio Moon is no joke.

First Pisces Saturn lends Moon helpful benevolence. We don’t always want to feel all of this, but this is helping us clarify what we are working on and towards. This Moon sees the bigger picture of what is important to us, and Pisces Saturn has trouble sometimes in finding the clarity it desires. There is emotional work and fine tuning to do. What do you feel ready to let go of?

Then Moon opposes the North Node in Taurus. What are your ready to fix your piercing Scorpio Moon gaze upon? What is over the horizon? Where is your power centralized. These are good questions for you as you contend with where your karma is leading you. This Moon is sitting on your South Node, so there will be a contention between how you normally do things versus where you are going. Perhaps you are ready to dive off the cliff? Remember that just because it feels awkward, different, or new, doesn’t mean that you aren’t powerful for doing it.

This Moon then opposes Taurus Mercury. Slow methodical and intentional deliberation will come against what might be chronic pain, triggering, huge sensitivity or knee jerk reaction. Can you think it through before responding? Can you sit with it and feel it out? Or does this really require some sort of response instead of hiding away underground? Communication and what is felt in the body are not necessarily in sync, but one will inform the other.

Finally this Moon trines its other ruler, Mars, in Cancer. Mars in Cancer will allow us to keep our reactions safe, and will protect us from ourselves. Mars in Cancer knows how to take care of us, our bodies, and our entire families. It might not be direct about where its energy goes, but that’s because it’s being saved for when it’s really needed. Maybe that time is now. Maybe it isn’t. Can you trust your energy stores and allow your actions to be preparatory?

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