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Friday December 22nd

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 5 degrees

4:53 am PST/ 7:53 am EST

Capricorn Mercury combust Sun@ 0 degrees 

10:46 am PST/ Dec. 23rd 1:46 am EST

It’s an earthy day today with Moon conjunction Jupiter, your senses could be on overdrive. Your body may find itself in social situations that are aligned. The way you feel and believe are on par with each other and you may find yourself in a good position to manifest something you want, provided it serves the overall cause. You are in a magical position to make something work for everyone. 

Mercury combusts Sun at zero degrees Capricorn. This is a powerful moment to clarify what you want to do and how you want to do it. A powerful time to open your mind to possibilities and to clarify goals. Capricorn wants to set the wheels in motion to your plans, and this very pure energy will give you divine inspiration. What ideas are emerging and taking a life of their own?

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