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Friday December 8th and Saturday December 9th

Friday December 8th

Libra Moon conjunct South Node/ opposing Aries North Node @ 24 degrees

7:22 am PST/ 10:22 am EST

Libra Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 28 degrees

5:03 pm PST/ 8:03 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 1 degree

10:33 pm PST/ 1:33 pm EST

Moon conjunct South Node has our body in the past and working with the future. There is something rooting us to the way we have been in relationships, the patterns we have learned to survive them and we may find ourselves having to figure out our individual responsibility in relationship tensions. We may need to start with our identity. 

Moon squares Pluto. Something is causing us to transform in the way we are in relationship with others, and the way that we deal with our public lives. There is friction, there is something to force us to grow. Tight corners make us intentional about what we need, and something is emerging to tell us what that is. Our bodies want peace but that peace is being disturbed. Perhaps we need to be shaken out of our balance. There is imbalance in every equilibrium. Someone overcompensates, but now we face an upset to the apple cart.

Moon trines Saturn. Pisces Saturn is helping us get clear on what we need to work on here, Scorpio Moon is deep and sensitive and there is healing to happen after the energy expended with the Pluto square. There is something felt deeply and a path to work on, and explore. This could be difficult if we didn’t know we needed to do this work, or it could be more of the same. What emotional work has emerged? Can you be patient with yourself?

Saturday December 9th

Scorpio Moon conjunct Venus@ 5 degrees

6:21 am PST/ 9:21 am EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Jupiter @ 6 degrees

7:41 am PST/ 10:41 am EST

Scorpio Venus opposes Taurus Jupiter @ 6 degrees

 7:33 pm PST/ 10:33 pm EST

Moon conjunct Venus in Scorpio is a whole vibe, and so is today with this conjunction and opposition to Jupiter in Taurus. It’s basically the day’s flavor. Moon and Venus are highly attuned, sensitive, and focused. This is day is parkour. You will notice you will fixate, you will feel the spikes, you will be feeling the pain. The cycles of relationship and connection will be at one with your sensitivities on overdrive.

So there will be sensitivities and extremely fine tuned dissonance on one side and on the other the principle of solidity, the long haul, and the big expanse. We need to feel, connect, explore, but we need to believe we are secure. The sensitivities speak to the ideas of trust, vulnerability, power, and what lasts. Your ability to expand what’s true is working with your ability to know what’s real. There is transformation, deep connection, beautiful opportunities to make things real here. 

We are in the emotional thick of it. Feelings fly. Jupiter wants to move us into something lasting, and sturdy. It will expand slowly and with measure. The great hall doors will open. There will be pain flare ups, old arguments come to the surface, the spikes are there, but so is the potential to move past it. Use care, respect, and love to get through these difficult faceoffs. Don’t betray yourself.

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