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Friday February 16th

Taurus Moon square Aquarius Sun @ 27 degrees

7:00 am PST/ 10:00 am EST

Venus enters Aquarius

8:05 am PST/ 11:05 am EST

Gemini Moon trines Aquarius Venus @ 0 degrees

12:01 pm PST/ 3:01 pm EST

Gemini Moon trines Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

1:10 pm PST/ 4:10 pm EST

Gemini Moon trines Aquarius Mars @ 2 degrees

4:55 pm PST/ 7:55 pm EST

Aquarius Mercury squares Taurus Uranus@ 19 degrees

7:42 pm PST/ 10:42 pm EST

Moon square Sun. Growth is coming from your high level, objective consciousness. The one that is tapped into the big picture, the one that can see what must happen for humanity to move forward. Don’t get me wrong, this can be a mundane moment, but it will just involve a higher perspective, whereas Taurus Moon will want to bring us back to earth, into our body, into what we can touch, see and taste.  This is frustrating to our subconscious needs and insecurities while being perhaps in a situation where you have to subdue your instinctual self or suppress it. Our you have to hide or subdue your high level view of the world, the view where everybody wins.

Venus enters Aquarius to make the Aquarius party bigger. Venus in Aquarius says we can connect with people even if we aren’t near them. This Venus loves concepts, ideals, and connecting with the larger collective. There is something community like to this vibe, but also something that’s rebellious, unique, and weird. There is an impulse to freedom, rebellion, and friendship. 

Gemini Moon trines Aquarius Venus, then Pluto, and then Mars. There is a chatty, impulsive and curious vibe to this Moon, and also a tendency towards anxiety. Trines are beneficial and easy energy, adding connection, transformation and desire into this intellectual air energy. There is a feeling of newness, and uniqueness, breaking free, destroying the old, and feeling emotionally charged. This is leading us to a big moment on the 21st, and we’re already feeling the triple conjunction applying. Mars, Pluto, and Venus together are going to bring us to a synthesis in Aquarius that is already happening here, and Gemini Moon is helping us download the operating system to get with the program.

Mercury squares Uranus. This square will also be fixed and airy, with Uranus involved. You can’t run from the divine downloading of Uranian energy that is asking you to un-repress and free yourself from whatever brain patterns or communication habits are keeping you stuck. There’s some dust up, here, and you may have a surprise epiphany that really changes you and the game. You can’t un-know whatever comes up. What does Aquarian energy feel like to you? Do you notice a change in yourself? Is there a buzz or an impulse coming through that is bigger than you? What’s it teaching you?

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