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Friday February 23rd

Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Mercury @ 1 degree

8:49 pm PST/ 11:49 pm EST

Moon opposes Mercury for some head-versus-heart stuff, most likely coming through tension in a relationship. Mercury rules this Moon, but remember in Pisces Mercury’s knowledge is intuitive, felt, and artistic. There is a lack of clarity and direction to this mind energy, that will translate into conversation. Virgo Moon can be perfectionistic, over-analytical and hypersensitive, but it notices everything. This Moon has hyper awareness of what is happening around them. This can play out in scenarios where something is sensed and not addressed, or there is a definitely mysteriousness between two people. The lack of clarity and nebulous ways of this Pisces energy could be emotionally scary to this Virgo energy that may be struggling to trust. Tensions between real world concerns that are tangible versus the artistic and spiritual way of thinking could emerge. There’s the age old fear and anxiety versus alcohol and drug use scenario. This opposition is preparatory work for this upcoming Full Moon. 

What doesn’t make sense? How is your trust in these relationships? Are you feeling defended, and why? Has fear and anxiety taken over? Has a victim mentality come into play? Something is coming to a culmination, and it’s meant to create change. Are you ready to move through this?

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