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Friday February 2nd

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

1:37 am PST/ 4:37 am EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Jupiter @ 7 degrees

3:17 am PST/ 6:17 am EST

T-square: Scorpio Moon @ 13 degrees oppose Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees, with Sun as apex @ 13 degrees

3:16 pm PST/ 6:16 pm EST 

We open with a  water trine with Moon and Saturn. We are able to do the work, let go of what needs to go, and trust the feelings we have. We are able to see our way through the dark and deliberately move. We are focused and our body is telling us a lot, and as we move through this bigger, spiritual lesson, we are also learning how to regulate, heal and walk through fire.

Moon opposes Jupiter. You may have tension in relationships between needs and sensitivities, versus a principle of reality that is slowly expanding to build security. There is a reality here and a desire to expand portfolios, and make things comfortable for everyone– it just might come at the cost of your own sense of safety, or emotional stability. It’s hard to know how this could go, there is a tendency for excess, a tendency for obsession, a tendency for things to go too far.

We build on this theme with the T-square– which will last for about 4 hours– with Sun as apex. Moon and Uranus suggest that the energy of the day will have us still struggling with a relationship and that new information will come to light in this mix. There is something that really demands some sort of growth and that growth will be through the Aquarius Sun at the apex. Essentially we are going to have to come to a higher mind, a higher consciousness, and we are going to have to think about what’s good for everyone in this. A revolutionary shift might need to happen. A rebellious individualism might fortify itself. Wherever Aquarius hits in your chart, you’ll have to really go high level, and that might be like exercising a new muscle. This is some sharp energy, but its lesson will help you navigate this month.

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