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Friday January 12th

Mars in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus @ 5 degrees

2:30am PST/ 5:30 am EST

Continuing on yesterday’s theme, we are headed towards a very powerful moment about who we are in the world and in our lives.  It will be transformational. The idea is that we have something to finish up and complete and then we have to step forward, like onto a different platform, and move into the future. We have been getting transits that are preparing us for this, and everything else. Obviously, the architecture of this ride holds many secrets and reveals. Our experience of this grand tilt-a-whirl will depend on many factors.

This comes into what we believe is true. What is true about what is solid; what is foundational; and what is going to give you security? Your actions, energy, and oomph will be easily channeled through action.  The planets are clustered in one hemisphere right now. There is definitely a journey from Sagittarius to Taurus. The heavy hitters are in earth signs, Pisces, and there’s the spark through Aries. So if we think about it, we are going through an earthquake, in a way. The foundation is shifting, the water will redirect and then we’ll be moved into place. There might be a bit of fire and friction. This will be messy.

Right now the earth, water and fire are preparing us for a big shift into air. We’ve had a taste. AI, technology, robots, this gnostic rebellion as we decide if we are one organic entity or a million little ones?

If we feel like the foundation is falling from below, then can we be our own foundation? I ask this, in earnest, of myself, feeling this energy. Are we children of the earth itself, and can we be the foundation for this new intelligence network that is emerging? Can you find your love, your light, and your role here? This is hard. But it’s happening.

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