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Friday January 19th

Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus @ 6 degrees

1:30 am PST/ 4:30 am EST

Capricorn Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus @ 19 degrees

10:10 am PST/1:10 pm EST

This harmonious earth energy beckoning to the future is about belief and thought. But there is obviously more to it as we are about to dive off into Aquariusland in a day. What is here is automatic understanding and ability to grow this very distributed way. In Capricorn we can see the entire system and how it should run, but in Aquarius we are the ghost in the machine!! We are the soul of what moves. So think about this as we head into the future. What do you believe and who do you believe in: today? That’s Capricorn’s last lesson, we are here to get the message.

Moon conjunct Uranus means we will probably have an emotional reaction to something and we will probably learn something. This will be noticed and felt in the body, emotionally, in our nervous system, or just in our inner knowing. Remember, we are working on things that are about to become obvious. Something is starting to take form. Your dirty laundry will be on display. Sometimes that means that people can see the depth of our feeling. But maybe we wanted to show that. 

You can’t stop it– though. Whatever needs to be exposed will be displayed. We are all dealing with the concept of feeling under the microscope and also wanting privacy and control but we also did what we did. We knew the risks. Here we are being our fully fledged selves…or are we just play-acting? Are we holding up a facade? Uranus won’t let you guess.

Tomorrow is a big deal. For everyone.

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