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Friday March 1st

Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Venus @ 17 degrees

5:08 am PST/ 8:08 am EST

T-square: Apex is Aquarius Venus @ 17 degrees square Scorpio Moon opposite Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

9:53 am PST/ 12:53 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

11:47 pm PST/ March 2nd 2:47 am EST

Moon square Venus. Moon in Scorpio is sensitive, determined, intense, and fixated. This comes in hot on this wafty Venus. This Venus connects intellectually and through values and there is an emotional stuck point here between extreme sensitivity and the ways that we connect. Scorpio wants to possess and Aquarius wants to be free, so there’s going to be feelings about what needs to happen to solve this. Our bodies might be flaring up in pain or desire, and we might rebel against whatever’s happening in order to find the truth in connection.

This same Venus is going to be the apex of a T square with a Moon/ Uranus opposition. There is divine wisdom in your sensitivities, and healing to be done. Whatever you’re feeling and fixated on, may be potent for you but you’ll be dealing with changes and curveballs from someone else. You might learn some new information, or find yourself in something unexpected, and it might have something to do with your security, comfort, or steadiness. Whatever pressure is built through a redirection, it’s our Venus apex, and therefore our relationships and financial life that may come into play, we could find ourselves in a rebellion, an internet fight, or a really weird group dynamic. What do you value most right now? Are your values changing?

We get a nice healing water trine that will help us dream big, and find big compassion. Emotions will filter nicely, if we are in chronic pain, we may get some relief, spiritual endeavors will be potent during this trine. This is a good time to practice compassion for yourself. Especially if you have been deeply hurt. Many times our reaction to pain is to point blame at ourselves for being vulnerable, for being gullible, for being soft. And yet we love the vulnerable and soft parts of others the most, it is the most precious thing that you can connect with. Can you connect with this part of yourself? The part of you that trusted and got hurt anyway? Compassion is what makes softness the strongest thing of all. If you are hurt can you be your own balm? Can you be gentle with your beautiful body and rest?

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