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Open, and Ready for Change: Friday March 8th

A person watches a sunrise.
Staring ahead to what is coming.

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

12:49 am PST/ 3:49 am EST

Pisces Mercury conjunct Neptune @ 27 degrees

7:00 am PST/ 10:00 am EST

Aquarius Moon conjunct Venus @ 26 degrees

10:55 am PST/ 1:55 pm EST 

Moon square Uranus. A fixed square will cause some frustration and there will be unexpected and non-linear twists in this vibe. There is upset to the security of “how things are.” Whatever clear path you were on might become irrelevant. Instinctually you are folded into the wave of the hivemind. This is a process, we’re all entering a different world, and it takes micro corrections to get in line. Emotionally this could feel like banging your heart against a wall. Or you could be open and ready for change.

Mercury conjunct Neptune. Pisces is the ocean and our understanding and thinking has gone full Neptune. This is some serious psychic, empathic, emotional synergy. This is a moment to connect deeply, in place, in body, in soul. This is not a moment for certainty, decisiveness, precision. What’s beautiful about this energy is how deeply we can connect from within. What’s difficult about this verve is that there is confusion, delusion, waves, whirlpools all around us. Reminder: we are in Pisces season. This conjunction is an opening, but remember that all energy comes through an opening. Take a moment to be solid in what you are inviting and entertaining– emotionally, for yourself and others. We are highly attuned, compassionate, but we are also vulnerable.

Moon conjunct Venus. We know how to connect, we know what we value, and we can really feel that. We have an impulse to hold our will and desire to something that is higher mind. This is a great time to be united with friends and kin. But if you are solo, know that you are connected to the field. You are part of the mycelium, and we are all here with you. Even though the Aquarian vibe can feel removed, it’s friendly and benevolent, and a thread amongst your collectives. There’s this feeling of rebellion and change in the air, and we’re all in on it. We feel the motion of change within us.

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