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Full Moon in Virgo: Loosening the Grip and Letting Go

At 4:30am on February 24th, we have a full Moon in Virgo. Virgo is the polarity of Pisces, the sign where the Sun will be until March 19th. Pisces is about dissolution, endings, dreams, one-ness, and absorption. Virgo is the sign of minutiae, of understanding the parts of thing, order and categorization, science, service, and bases itself firmly in reality. Moon’s opposition to Sun denotes a tension and culmination. But conjunct the Sun is Mercury (the way we think) and Saturn (the work we must do in the world, mastery and boundaries.) 

Pisces season is a humdinger for lack of clarity or being able to make decisions. It’s a goldmine for artistic expression and dreamwork. With the Sun here, we have less access to our egos, and more compassion for others. There is greater emotional intuition with all of us, especially with Mercury close by. While our thinking will be cloudy and potentially delusional or idealistic, we may be caught in a dream or altered reality. With Saturn here, we know that whatever lesson is coming, it involves our inner and spiritual work, our emotional boundaries, and whatever must disintegrate. We are learning about what is real and what is fantasy. Saturn will bring us structure, but Pisces will bring us a need to respond to change. 

A lot of us struggle with Pisces season because we are existentially opposed to endings. We don’t like letting go– of people, emotions, or ideas. 

Virgo Moon on the other hand experiences a hyper awareness of each minute motion, change, or thing happening around them. This Moon is emotionally aware of areas of danger, or something that feels unsafe. Virgo Moon needs reassurance, and needs some concreteness to understand. Its ruler is Mercury– in Pisces– and will struggle with this energy of infinite possibilities. Virgo Moon worries, has anxiety, and is prone to this affecting its health; perhaps with mental health or physical ailments coming from the intensity of thoughts.

Something is definitely on its way out, and being shed. There is energy at play that demands greater responsibility and greater wisdom. Virgo Moon may help us understand some deep trauma, or make us realize we just did another round of some pattern we’ve been following. This Moon will analyze and understand, and the other three planets will ask for compassion and love. How you experience this transit will depend on what needs to be molted, and the work you did to get there. Some of us have a hard time letting go. Some of us can only make sense of things by moving forward, step by step.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, and beliefs is here to help this relinquishing, or healing moment. Jupiter trines this Moon, meaning that there is effortless co-creative energy here, based in fellow earth sign, Taurus. Something is tangible about this– it could be that beliefs change or support you in this apotheosis. Jupiter wants you to expand your aligned purpose, and make this moment big enough to keep you on track. What do you believe will keep your life in order, and what is bringing chaos?

To work with this Full Moon, you may want to think about your emotional narrative since September 14th, 2023’s New Moon. Did you have a health issue or journey that you embarked on 6 months ago? Did you start a project, or program? Perhaps you started volunteering or found yourself in service of a cause or person? Did you take on a lot of work, get organized with something, or start a process that involved lots of steps? 

While there are some sharper notes to this transit’s themes, it has tremendous potential for healing and clearing, and that experience can be liberating and relieving. There is a call to stability and what is working, and artistically this transit can be a wonderful translator. Those of us who are in touch with our channel can get some big downloads. If you’ve been feeling adrift at sea, you might catch sight of land-ho.

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