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Gemini Moon Kicks up the Mutable Energy in High Gear: Astrology Transits for Friday March 15th

A person walks on water after getting out of the boat.
Maybe we don't need the boat after all?

Gemini Moon square Pisces Venus @ 4 degrees

3:59 am PST/ 6:59 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 11 degrees

5:05 pm PST/ 8:05 pm EST

Gemini Moon kicks up the mutable energy in high gear. Mutable energy is change/ transition energy, and many of us struggle with the in-between stage.  Moon squares Venus so we have a transition between our connections and values and our instincts. There’s lots of information and communication coming through our bodies and it makes us falter on our dreams and sense of romantic possibility. We may be attached to some ideas or ways of seeing things, and there might be an anxious feeling coming as we see some dissolution of what we thought was real. 

Moon square Saturn. More of of this anxious feeling, our instincts are on overdrive because change is hard to comprehend, and Pisces Saturn is not letting us take everything with us. Pisces Saturn is going to ensure that what we take forward is at core what needs to be there. This Saturn requires us to work and let go of things, and this Moon will feel apprehensive about the depth of what is changing. Pisces Saturn is a felt lesson, and that will provide a tension with the needs and instincts of Gemini Moon.

What can you trust in and root in? What have you already built that is solid?

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