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January 11th 2024: New Moon in Capricorn

On January 11th at 3:57 am PST/ 6:57 am EST we have a POWERFUL new moon. If you like to set intentions, this a much more potent time to set intentions than NYE, and then some other New Moons simply because this is happening in the sign of Capricorn, at 20 degrees. 

This New Moon is exactly squaring the North and South Nodes, in Aries and Libra respectively. There is something unresolved from past patterns and energies that holds us back from moving forward and stepping into the future. There has been a lot of trauma coming up for many of us, and some of us have been trying to find something or someone to soothe it. This New Moon can unlock or release the pattern that is holding us back. This is a cardinal T-square of energy that says that we can initiate change. We can really move forward if we harness this energy.

What do you actually want to build? Where do you want to go?

This year we are stepping into tremendous change. The next few months we have some big, life altering transits. What have you been trying to make for yourself? What do you want to create? What steps will you take to get there?

Capricorn strategizes, plans, and executes. It doesn’t just  idealize and hope, like Sagittarius. It has tangible steps to get there. One of the most emergent steps will be simply figuring out what you want. That’s often the hardest part. Many of us settle for what’s easily obtainable, what takes little effort to get, what’s right in front of us because it’s easier. But is that really what we want? Do we want to live a life of absorbing energy, or directing it? Do we have something to do here, or is it easier to do what we are already doing?

For example, sometimes after a hard day, all I want to do is relax and watch some shows. But is that really what I want? Or is the question bigger? Do I want a life that doesn’t deplete me so much that I need to tune out? Or do I want a partner to talk to? Or do I want to do something more meaningful with my day, so that it’s easy to just relax afterwards? This is no dig on watching shows! There is medicine in getting your mind off what bothers you through entertainment. There is medicine in loving what you love.

We have so many distractions available to us. We have been able to ignore strategies and ideas about what we want because we have phones to scroll and many of us use the relationships around us to obscure it. We get into other people’s dramas to ignore our own yearning. It’s easier to talk to someone in the room, or on the phone, than to sit down and do this work. Sometimes we use our jobs to cloud our dreams. Because it seems prudent, necessary, essential. 

But if you did this work, specifically tomorrow after the New Moon– to a maximum of 24 hours afterwards, you may find some extra power in what you can transform, move forward, or achieve. Focusing on intentions, plans, ambitions and strategy about where you want to be in the next 6-12 months can show you a lot about the power of your own yearning. There is a part of you waiting to be uncovered. Will you take the invitation? 

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