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Mercury conjunct Pluto in Aquarius: Deep Dive, Obsession, Worm-Hole

On February 6th, 2024– at 4:43 am PST– Mercury will conjunct Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius. The last time that Mercury was conjunct Pluto in Aquarius was March 16th, 1797. This is French Revolution vibes. When Mercury conjuncts Pluto, something comes to light. We get a deep awareness, or learn something that maybe we didn’t want to know.

Mercury is the way we think, communicate and spread ideas. Pluto confronts, obsesses, destroys. Mercury is discovery, knowing, speaking and moving. Pluto is taboo, kinky, determined, and transformational. Put that together and you get a lot of power. You get a lot of people whose shadow is ready to make an appearance. 

This will happen in an Aquarian fashion. So maybe mindfulness about your social media persona could be in order. Perhaps you are ready to do some top shelf weird stuff. Whatever flavor of strange and unconventional you have inside, you’ll find yourself exposing in some sort of way. The rebel in you doesn’t want to keep it in the box anymore, but it’s the same for everyone around you.

There is this idea of obsession, fixation, and fascination. Those of us that are prone to brain loops, or getting yourself into a tight corner, this impulse can be strong. Perhaps you are ready to investigate something. Perhaps you are dealing with your own psychology and learning more about the way that you think. 

This conjunction is happening at the first degree of Aquarius, where the energy is at its purest. Perhaps you know or see something that you didn’t before, or you say something you can’t take back. But maybe– it needed to be said?

Also: hivemind. Aquarius is the principle that bestows and also rebels against crowd mentality. Aquarius is going for a human consensus, but with Pluto there, hivemind’s shadow tendencies can rear its head. If you happen to be the one to fall out of favor, you can see how quickly these ideas can spread, and how quickly one can fall from grace. 

Aquarius rules technology, political disruption, social justice, innovation, the collective. So there is this idea of who you are as part of the whole, and that the way you think and use your power will be something to look at. There is something in the air. And the air is fixed. 

This is not a long transit, but it’s a harbinger of what’s to come this month. This 0 degree position of Pluto is the beginning of a long journey that we will collectively experience. Mercury is helping us wrap our heads around it. Try to be the best version of you, always. 

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