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Mercury Retrograde May 10th 2022

May 10th 2022, Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini. Mercury LOVES being in Gemini, it’s like it’s found the ultimate party and been chatting to everyone. The drinks are flowing, people are meeting each other, flirting, and the conversation is easy. But now with the retrograde we get a record scratch and a lost contact lens, and now we need to backtrack through this territory. Mercury will go back into Taurus, too, to retrace its steps to find the missing lens.

Everyone feels this differently, and it depends on how and where mercury sits in your chart. Mercury is fast, quick talking, and is movement oriented. Mercury is non-binary in flavor, and goes both ways, and rules transportation and communication. In retrograde, this isn’t always how it behaves. Sticking our feet in our mouths, misunderstandings, missed connections, delays, and canceled trips abound. People from our past sometimes surprise us from behind the tree, if only to remind us that we prefer the relationship to be past-tense. Definitely we are going to see “behavior” online. We might find out that our missing contact lens was the wrong prescription anyway.

Mercury is retrograde often enough that this isn’t the biggest deal unless you have some key points or planets getting the old retrograde "bumperoo." They say that you shouldn’t plan trips or buy cars, computer equipment during even the shadow periods of mercury retrograde. If you have a choice, then fine maybe wait on it, especially if you’re looking to spend a wad. I’ve had to travel for work–a lot– during mercury retrograde, and it’s mainly amounted to being a pain in the ass.

The advice during these times is generally to take your time, think before you act or say things. It’s all going to depend on how mercury works in your chart, how powerful it is, and whether or not you have any planets/ angles in Gemini/ Taurus.

There is a high, anxious vibration to this energy, and with the Jupiter in Aries situation, you may find yourself a little TOO EAGER to say or do something that could get you into trouble. A good rule of thumb is to watch the delivery of your message, in addition to the content. Too often good information is passed through a very unwelcome vessel/ or in a form that neutralizes its power.

Retrograde energy is awesome in a way, because it allows you to do a review of your traveled territory. For me, where this hits, is in my inner world (12th house) back to my community life (11th house.) I can be quick to make assumptions, decide on what’s happening, and often, find ways to blame myself that aren’t my fault. My mind and thought process can be too quick for my own good. My natal mercury is in my 10th house, so this is an achille’s heel for me in career and public life, and also public communication in general, because mercury also rules my IC and 3rd house. Also, this retrograde will hit my natal Jupiter in Taurus in my 11th house, so you can guarantee we’re going to be reviewing my beliefs about a community I am or was a part of. Ugh, I’m already squirming in my seat. Also: I’m already feeling this energy and seeing it come alive!

I’m explaining this so you understand that there are a few places that will get highlighted in your chart when this happens, and it really depends on your natal chart! So to look at your own chart, you’ll want to know where Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo are in terms of house, and also where mercury is, natally. Obviously, I can help you with this, just drop me a line if you want a guided tour through your natal chart. The areas of life that will be affected will most certainly be the houses that hold mercury and these signs. And if, like me, you also have a planet nearby- well then you’ll feel this even more.

So best of luck– my friends. Don’t let your urgency to act and speak out take over your conscientiousness. Be aware of what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. If you are in doubt about whether to do or say something, maybe sit on it for a while? Be conscious of where your sense of urgency is coming from– whether it is coming from a fear based thought, from social media, or if there is something really requiring you to act. This simple act of self-inquiry can make this a beautiful exploration of curiosity, rather than a full out battle.

And as always, have compassion for those that would cross you in your path.

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