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Monday December 18th and Tuesday December 19th

Monday December 18th

Capricorn Mercury trine Taurus Jupiter @ 5 degrees

6:06 am PST/ 9:06 am EST

Pisces Moon trine Scorpio Venus @ 16 degrees

4:29 pm PST/ 7:29 pm EST

Pisces Moon square Sagittarius Mars @ 17 degrees

5:57 pm PST/ 8:57 pm EST

A beneficial earth trine should help us clarify what we believe and what we need to say. Our memories and our intentions will work together beautifully and practically and we will find ways to work with our minds and conversations. Is there anything you needed to think about in terms of the paradigm you are coming from?

Moon trines Venus meaning our feelings and connections will be emotionally healing, or could be, today. We may find ways to dissolve something or let it go, while pinpointing what we want to connect to. We may feel passion about something and recognize the need to let go of another. 

Moon square Mars says we’re going to be forced or initiated into some sort of change. Whatever we are letting go of may leave a space that requires action or energy to be thrown into what we want to achieve. We might find ourselves having to act when we don’t feel ready or in a way that doesn’t feel completely safe. Something is dissolving and Mars wants to shoot its arrow, we may run out of steam to do so. Or we may shoot our arrow and then realize that we don’t know where we shot it from. 

Tuesday December 19th

Pisces Moon square Sagittarius Sun @ 27 degrees

10:37 am PST/ 1:37 pm EST

Aries Moon square Capricorn Mercury @ 4 degrees

9:42 pm PST/ December 20th 12:42 am EST

A mutable square with Sun and Moon will test us on an identity level and make us wonder what we can hold on to. There is something that is leaving and something that wants to become, and these two might not be in sync. There is a depth and psychic energy to Pisces Moon, a knowing that is in the body. Sagittarius Sun is full of fire, and optimism, internally burning out into the atmosphere. Sagittarius wants to move and Pisces Moon wants to dissolve. This will cause us to feel a gamut of things, and likely will feel uncomfortable.

Moon square Mercury says that we’ll have a bit of a time coming to terms with the feelings that ensue. Aries Moon is brash and unfiltered, Capricorn Mercury is strategic and currently retrograde, going over past conversations and ideas, and trying to gain some understanding. We are trying to get clear on what we think and say, and Moon might only have us seeing red. Don’t let your hot headedness get the better of you, if you can help it. This cardinal square will make you do or say something, hopefully it’s what you mean to do or say.

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