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Monday February 12th

Mars enters Aquarius

10:05 pm PST/ February 13th 1:06 pm EST

Mars enters Aquarius today. You might feel a call to do things your way, on your terms, on your time. You might feel called to do something, just because it's the right thing to do, or the wrong thing to do, but there is a surprise and unexpectedness to action in this sign. You could change your mind and do the opposite thing, or find yourself doing exactly what you said you wouldn't. There is an unknow-ableness to action in this air sign, which is intelligent and can cut through falseness pretty easily.

The Capricornian, cardinal, earth, energy is fading into the Aquarian vibe, since this is Mars’s last day in the sign of the Sea Goat. Each planet touching Pluto in Aquarius this month at zero is a first time in our lives to conjunct in this sign. This is fresh, unexplored energy for this epoch as we make history together. 

The Chiron/ North Node conjunction is a week away, but already doing its thing. Something really hurts, punches us in the gut, or haunts us with the wounding it brings up. For me: it is a situation with several people who have hurt me so deeply, it feels like I won’t be able to trust anyone again. But because this wound runs deeper– a pattern throughout my life, and possibly even a pattern from my ancestors– I know that I will recover, with the wound achingly intact. Does healing come with forgiveness? Does it come with standing in my power? Will I ever be able to trust people again? 

YOUR wound likely has a different flavour, but probably a similar intensity. It’s not so often I think:

This one has broken me. I cannot, and will not heal from this.

And yet, here comes this conjunction, with a message for me and for all of us. Is it about my own resilience? My own power? My own stupidity? Who knows? Let's circle back in a week on this. And think about this for yourself.

What is this wound for you, and what are you learning about it?

What can you use for an anchor or mantra that can help you through this intensity?

How will you take care of yourself when things get rough? 

There are a lot of squares, some conjunctions, and a few ingresses this week. It’s not going to be easy, but of course that’s on purpose. A mantra, an anchor, and a lot of compassion will go a long way. 

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