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Monday February 19th

Aries Chiron conjunct North Node/ opposes Libra South Node

10:49 am PST/ 1:49 pm EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 8 degrees

12:01 pm PST/ 3:01 pm EST

We come face to face with everything we try to avoid today, but of course we’ve been face to face with it for a while now. The intensity hits one of a few apexes today as we come to climax with Chiron and the North Node. I’ve been talking about this for a while, and feeling it for even longer. There is a lesson about our sense of self, our identity, and our spark. It’s a lesson about what we carry in our DNA, the pain of those that came before us, and how we absorb their pain, lessons, and worry through our bloodline. How little traumas and feelings experienced in our youth become patterns and attachments in our adulthood. And how those patterns and attachments can set off into something so painful, that we don’t know how we will heal. This lesson says that there is an invitation to change, grow, heal, and help others heal. This lesson is about your destiny, if you let it be. What’s coming up for you? How have you changed? What have you learned?

Nothing like a water trine to help us wash out the wound. Cancer Moon will put us deeply in touch with our feelings, our needs, and our safe places. There is a maternal vibe to this energy, but it may come from your own self parenting. Pisces Saturn makes us do our spiritual work, and it’s more accessible with Cancer Moon on the case. You can run, but you can’t hide from this work. You can hold it all in and pretend it isn’t there, but it will come up to haunt you. Let this trine help you let go of everything that doesn’t make sense, doesn’t help, or doesn’t support you. Let it go because you need to make room. Let it go because it doesn’t want to be there. Can you have compassion for yourself? Can you see what you need to do next?

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